by | Jul 20, 2017 | Women Directory

#WONDERTECH is an initiative that aims to inspire and support female talents to progress towards senior management positions in tech industry. Not only to those who have been in the industry, #WONDERTECH also aims to equally inspire a new generation of women to pursue studies in tech, computer science, and related fields as a way to solve difficult problems by designing unique solutions. #WONDERTECHis initiated by executives from several leading tech companies in Indonesia, including Dayu Dara (Go-Jek), Khailee Ng (500 Startups), Sandhya Devanathan (Facebook) and Florian Holm (Lazada). It is important to highlight that this initiative remains neutral with no affiliation to any single entity.


The reason behind #WONDERTECH We see today that female middle- and senior-managers as well as C-level executives and entrepreneurs are greatly absent from the tech community. This lack of gender diversity means that essentially half of the potential talent pool is lost. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to the same opportunities when making career choices.

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