BEKRAF’s Simposium Permodalan Ekonomi Kreatif

by | Aug 18, 2017 | News/Event Page

Last Tuesday (15/08), BEKRAF held Simposium Permodalan Ekonomi Kreatif, where seven different financial provider actors both coming from banking and non-banking sector discussed the way they work and how they can support creative economy businesses. Hanifah Makarim (BEKRAF), Jefri R. Strait (Amvesindo), and Timotheus Lesmana (Filantropi Indonesia) were in the panel along with ANGIN.

This event was attended by representatives of 16 creative economy associations (architecture, craft, music…), who we found to be very enthusiastic to discover there are plenty non-bank alternatives for their capital needs. Considering there is a low awareness on financial providers actors in Indonesia, hoping that BEKRAF can leverage its resources to set up more similar events in Indonesia, especially for unbankable businesses.

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