[RECAP] Fast Forward Advisors x ANGIN; Venture Capital Unfolded Recap

by | Sep 19, 2017 | News/Event Page

On Monday (18/09) at WuHub Co-working space Fast Forward Advisors and ANGIN hosted an event to discuss the secrets of fundraising and what is required when applying for venture capital.

Luca Mohammadi from Fast Forward Advisors discussed about the framework Fast Forward Advisors use when preparing startups to approach Venture Capital Companies, case studies, and the key areas that a startup should understand about their product and company.

Key areas that FFA focused on;

  • Market size and type
  • Competition and Competitive advantage
  • Business Model
  • Growth and Scalability
  • Customer Funnel
  • Growth Metics
  • Financials (Present, Projected)
  • Fundraising
  • Valuation (Multiples, EBITA, Revenue)
  • Pitch Deck

Overall, it gave a detailed insight into the important factors that can determine the amount of funds raisable for a startup.

Thank you to all participants for attending and Fast Forward Advisors for speaking and providing the detailed content!

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