[Knowledge] New Ongoing Research on startup assistance organization (SAO)

by | Sep 30, 2017 | News/Event Page, Women Knowledge Centre

ANGIN is conducting a research on startup assistance organizations (SAO), which includes accelerator and incubator programmes. Our main objective is to map out the landscape of SAO in Indonesia in order to provide the best practices in running the programmes. Aligned with our belief in gender equality, the research will also be the first of its kind to incorporate gender-lens approach in analysing the SAOs.

The research will use an integrated qualitative and quantitative approach, in which one component’s findings will be used to support the other in order to provide a fuller picture of SAO’s position in Indonesia’s startup ecosystem. From there, ANGIN will develop the best practice framework to complement and improve current SAO’s performance.

We invite fellow SAO and entrepreneurs to participate and share your insights to help us build this research to be the most significant research on startup support ecosystem to date by contacting ANGIN team at contact@angin.id

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