[RECAP] BEKRAF Food Startup Indonesia 2017 Final

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Recap

FSI was created due to the fact that 40% of Indonesia’s GDP comes from food business. The programme has been running for around a year, starting from applicants selection, roadshow, and demo day. The final was held in Hotel Ambarrukmo, Yogyakarta, from September 29 to October 4, 2017.

No less than 27 food startups participated in the final. The first few days started with an exhibition in which almost all of their products were sold out, proving that they have a quality to expand their businesses. ANGIN participated as mentors on the fourth day, where we listened to their presentation in preparation for the pitching day. Pitching was a difficult task for them, as they were only allowed to pitch for 3.5 minutes. How would they do that? As a general guideline, given the time restriction, you should include the problem you are trying to solve, your product description, your traction, your asking (for the investor) and the justification for that, and in what ways you plan to improve given the money.

The mentorship session played a crucial part on the pitching day, more than 90% of the startups wrapped up their presentation within the time restriction! All of the food startups stood out, but there were only three winners. The three winners will get top priorities for 2018’s Government Assistance Fund, 208’s Marketing Programs National from BEKRAF, and international access to mentorship from Foodlab Indonesia.

Congratulations to Matchamu, Ladang Lima, and Chillibags!

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