[RECAP] UberENTREPRENEUR Launching Event

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Recap

On Tuesday (03/10), ANGIN team attended the UberENTREPRENEUR event in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta, where they officially launched the exciting program catered to Uber’s driver-partners who are entrepreneurs themselves. Participants of the event include government and bank representatives, investors, startup founders, as well as other entrepreneurial ecosystem players.

What exactly is the project about?

UberENTREPRENEUR is a program initiated to appreciate, support, and connect their driver-partners who are at the same time, owning a business of their own. In a bigger picture, it is the realization of Uber’s commitment to support Indonesian entrepreneurship. As a government goal to reach 1 million more entrepreneurs in Indonesia by 2019, Uber became a significant entity that gives birth to many aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing on the importance of transport and mobility in the nation’s economic growth. Along with providing exposures for their driver-partners through the APP and website, Uber also aims to provide training opportunity and mentorships, partnering with institutions such as Excellerate innovation lab and Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB).

What was the event about?

With the launch of UberENTREPRENEUR, Uber shared some data regarding on the progress and research they had done on their driver-partners and the underlying motivation and vision of UberENTREPRENEUR. Uber also took the opportunity to showcase two of their driver-partners, where they presented their business idea on stage. It gave a better idea to the audiences of what kind of entrepreneurs you might encounter during your ride with Uber. Another interesting session during the event was the panel discussion, where representatives from government, bank, e-commerce, startup, as well female-focused organization talked about issues and progress surrounding entrepreneurships in Indonesia.

ANGIN team would like to congratulate Uber for the successful launching event, we surely are excited to witness more entrepreneurs realizing their business dreams with UberENTREPRENEUR!


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