[RECAP] LocalStartupFest 2.0 Pre-Event Talk Shows (Pt. I,II,III)

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LocalStartupFest 2017 is just around the corner! After their highly successful first year, LocalStartupFest is back with their second annual event with bigger scale and more speakers from the local startup ecosystem. The event will take place on October 18th and 19th at Ballroom Kuningan City. Click here to know more about this event.
Excited to get ready for the big days, ANGIN team attended part I, II, and III of their pre-event talk shows taken place in Impact Hub Coworkinc (02/10), JSC Hive (03/10), and Nyonya Mricco Resto (06/10). The pre-event talk shows gathered speakers from different industry sectors and backgrounds to talk about all things that will help startups in their entrepreneurial journey. We had a great and inspiring time watching as speakers and audiences interact dynamically. Here we share some of our takeaways and key learnings from the sessions.
Pre-event Part I
‘Future of Marketing: Content & Distribution’ by Anthony Reza Prasetya, Co-founder & CEO of GetCRAFT Indonesia
In this 1-hour session, Anthony spoke about the benefits and effectiveness of content marketing over traditional marketing methods. Some of them includes lower cost per view, increase of brand recall, better average basket size, helps in brand credibility through trust, and an important optimization strategy to complement your paid media channels.
It has been proven that content marketing generates more than 3 times as many leads than outbound marketing. It is also a form of high-quality communication that engages and connects deeply with your customers. Consistent content marketing help fuels search effort, which in turn results in more organic search leads. Distribution of content through social media is also discussed as a preferred channel, where for many large sites, as much as 70% of the traffic is driven by social links, often skipping the homepage completely. In overall, consumers have been seen to trust influencers and editorial contents more than online ads.
‘Growth Hack Strategy’ by Natali Ardianto, Co-founder & CTO of Tiket.com
In relation to the first session, Natali suggested some growth-hacking strategies startup founders should really explore. These includes, PR marketing and entering competitions to boost your business exposure, publishing meaningful and quality content marketing to attract audiences, and continuous A/B testing through sensitive data analysis and improvements. Another tips he also encouraged entrepreneurs to do are a lot of experimenting, measuring every activities online, as well as keep doing reiteration to your system.

So for fellow startups, especially consumer-facing businesses, don’t overlook the capacity of content marketing to promote and grow your products and business. Furthermore, as Natali suggested, it is important for entrepreneurs to measure, analyze, improve and maximize the available resources to achieve the fastest sustainable growth for your business!
Pre-event Part II
‘How to reduce Startup Burnout’ by Indra Sutanto, COO of Jojonomics 
Indra brought into discussion the problems and issues faced when a startup is tracking the finances of day-to-day spending, and how the lack of financial tracking can lead to startup burnout. Some of the research that he brought into discussion was that 18% of failing companies run out of funding, being the highest factor for failing companies. This made an obvious point that startups are not tracking their funding from initial investment, through to daily spending on operations well enough. A solution to this can be having framework and standard operating procedures in place to reduce the wastage of funding and help eliminate the issue of any startup running out of funding.
‘Women in The Tech Space’ by Samira Shihab, Co-Founder of Tinkerlust.
Tinkerlust is a proud, women-led E-commerce company that is enforcing change to the beliefs and habits surrounding women in tech. Samira Shihab brought into light that E-commerce is a female-consumer dominated industry, with 80% of the purchases or transaction processed by women. Tinkerlust have a women-focused website and company, which supports the research and findings that E-commerce platforms and startups should be more conscious of their customer base and cater for the majority of consumers to create greater success and traction. Also, in terms of education, 48% of engineering graduates are females, but this does not translate into the employment rate and changes need to be made in the business attitudes in Indonesia.

Key learnings from the speakers on Tuesday was that startups should be sure that they can control spending and be accountable for all operational and daily costs, as they add up and can be cause for losses and failure if not accounted for. Furthermore, be sure to listen customers, especially women for any e-commerce, as women account for 80% of purchasing power!
Unfortunatly we were unable to attend the third session due to prior commitments, but the overall it was a great beginning for the Local Startup Festival that is coming up soon!

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