[RECAP] GnB Networking Event

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Recap

GnB Accelerate hosted a networking event at the Prohibition Area on Wednesday (10/11) night to celebrate the finishing of the batch 3 startups. These startups have taken part of the GnB accelerator to help build and develop their companies so they are market ready.

GnB is one of the first global accelerator’s in Indonesia dedicated to progress and innovation that brings together the people, the funding, and the partners that drive business velocity.

Startups in this batch included;

These startups had exposure to the accelerator resources and mentoring.

The GnB Accelerator Batch 4 has opened and applicants can have the opportunity to be a part of the next Batch.

A great evening for the startups to talk about what is ahead for the coming months.

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