[PORTFOLIO] Burgreens is launching a loyalty card program

Burgreen’s have announced that they are launching a fourth store in PIM (Street Gallery) 1st FloorJakarta next week!
Make your experience at Burgreens even more awesome with BBF Card!
With the convenience of one quick swipe, you can use BBF Card to purchase your healthy meals at Burgreens. Moreover, by becoming Burgreens Best Friends, you will also get to enjoy a lot of exciting perks such as discounts on your meal purchasepriority access to Burgreens’ events and you will also be the first to know everything.
Have we mentioned that you will also get discounts from our fitness studio partners like Ride JakartaSana StudioUnion Yoga and 20Fit?
Psstt… Burgreens currently have special deals for you. Buy 2 BBF cards and get 1 free trial at 20Fit and for every purchase of IDR 500K, you will get 20Fit’s voucher of IDR 500K. 
BBF Card is available to purchase at all Burgreens’ outlets started from Oct 21 for IDR 100K and multiplies. The amount will be stored for your credit. For corporate buying, contact marketing@burgreens.com 
About Burgreens’
Burgreens’ is a manifestation of the conscious eating movement that believes what we eat directly impacts our health, animal & farmers’ welfare, and environmental sustainability.
Burgreens’ was started very humbly in November 2013 by a young vegetarian couple – Max & Helga – whom are passionate to make healthy, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle mainstream in their hometown; and testing a social enterprise model that brings positive impact to the local community.
What started as Jakarta’s first organic healthy plant-based eatery & catering – has now grown into a community-based social business connecting local farmers, passionate team, and conscious customers.
Since the very beginning, our mission is to make healthy and more sustainable food as delicious, fun, convenient, and accessible as junk food – while empowering local farmers and women through a responsible supply chain!
Check out their healthy eating menu here!

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