[RECAP] UNDP Innovative Financing Lab

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Recap

ANGIN was invited by UNDP to a soft launch of UNDP’s Innovative Financing Lab on Friday (13/10). Among the invitees were key players in the private financing sectors, including syariah banks and private family foundation.

What is it about?

The new innovative financing lab will focus on increasing private financing for Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) since private financing has been considered as an essential pre-exquisite for the success of SDG.

Who else is invited to collaborate?

All stakeholders range from foundation, financial institution, Islamic institution, and academic institution.

What is UNDP progress with SDG in Indonesia?

  1. Conducted crowdfunding to finance “Water for Sumba”
  2. Creating impact investment fund
  3. Developing sovereign wealth fund
  4. Partnering with Badan Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS) to manage zakat financing for SDG

What’s next?

  1. The need of implementation
  2. The relevant policy framework
  3. Technology inclusion for all people
  4. Education in financial literacy

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