[MEET US] WU Hub x Mindzzle: Let’s talk about People and Culture!

by | Oct 20, 2017 | News/Event Page, Upcoming Events/Meet Us

WU Hub x Mindzzle

Let’s talk about People and Culture!

Part II: Corporate Culture

Come and join us for an event series that will give you insights of the latest trend, make you think differently, and leave you inspired.

Let’s talk about People and Culture is a two-part series workshop that focuses on Human Capital Management and Development practices.

Studies had revealed that one of the top five causes of startup failure is team issues. So this is definitely the reason why this event is perfect for any Startup that would like to avoid any team pitfalls and elevate to the next level!

Part II: Corporate Culture

  • The Modern Corporate Culture
  • Why is Corporate Culture important?
  • How to build and establish a culture in your company?

Special Guest from SUKALIVE

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