[RECAP] Mandiri Finspire 2017

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This year Mandiri Finspire 2017, organized by TechinAsia in partnership with Mandiri Capital Indonesia, the annual premier event took the theme of ‘Collaborating to Disrupt and Transforming the Financial Services Industry’. Running over two days, it consisted of a startup pitching competition on Day 1 to decide the final 6 from the 29 startups, followed by the second day of keynote session and panel discussions, networking, and presentations from a wide array of industry professionals. The final 6 startups pitched again on the second day to decide the 3 final winners.
Day 1 
Starting from 9am on Wednesday morning, 29 startups attended a full day program being exposed to investors and mentors. It kicked off with a panel discussion about the ‘Disruptor Perspective’ from the respective speakers;

  • Daniel Witono (CEO, Jurnal.id)
  • Haryanto Tanjo Hartyanto (CEO & Co-founder at Moka)
  • Putra Setia Utama (COO, Tech In Asia Indonesia)

As investees of Mandiri Capital Indonesia, the corporate venture of Bank Mandiri, the largest financial institution in Indonesia, both Daniel Witono and Haryanto Tanjo shared their experiences and challenges of running fintech startup as well as the synergy they have created with Mandiri Capital, an important criterion for all startups pitching that day.
This was followed by a group of roundtable mentoring sessions, with topics of Regulations, Product, Growth and Marketing, and Partnerships. All of these discussions were hosted by respective mentors.  This gave the startups an opportunity to pick their brains about how they have learnt within the startup ecosystem, and what mistakes have helped them evolve.
Pitching Sessions
Once the startups learnt about what was required of them during the pitch, they had the chance to pitch to a group of three judges consisting of mostly VC’s; East Ventures, Skystar Ventures, Venturra, Convergence, MCI, and others from throughout Indonesia. Over 2 sessions, the 29 startups pitched for 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A session.
Day 1 of Mandiri Finspire 2017 concluded with the announcement of 3 best startup pitches.
Day 2 
The second day of Finspire gathered at Soehanna Hall, Energy Building to give the opportunity for investors to be exposed to Financial Technology startups from throughout Indonesia, whilst being able to listen and learn from industry professionals from a series of panel sessions throughout the day.
Top 6 Finalists for Finspire Pitching Competition 2017

  • Tanifund
  • Celengan
  • Hadiah.me
  • KapitalBoost
  • Ukirama
  • Agraria

ANGIN would like to congratulate the first winner of Mandiri Finspire 2017, TaniFund, followed by the second winner Hadiah.ME, and Ukirama as the third winner. Indeed, this year’s Finspire has attracted and gathered top startups in the fintech ecosystem with real power and potential to disrupt and transform the financial services industry. Furthermore, we wish all Finspire 2017 finalists this year all the best and we are excited to see each of their progress and growth. Until next time!

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