[RECAP] DIIB UI Start-up Business Matching 2017

by | Nov 4, 2017 | News/Event Page, Recap

Directorate of Innovation and Business Incubator of Universitas Indonesia (DIIB UI) held start-up business matching last Tuesday (31/10) at Hotel Acacia, Jakarta and ANGIN was invited as one of the investor candidate.

DIIB UI as one of the unit under Universitas Indonesia has a vision to promote entrepreneurs and innovator from UI who are able to solve problems in this country.

The event started with pitching sessions from the start-ups and continued with networking session. There were 18 start-ups from the incubation program of DIIB UI that ranges from healthcare, manufacture, energy, to information and technology. They are;

  1. Sikomo: Jakarta-Bandung travel platform app
  2. Cozora: education platform using live cast
  3. Meetchange: e-government social media
  4. In-fishta: crowdfunding platform for aquaqulture
  5. eClis.id: search engine for Indonesian law
  6. utKliq: phone based monitoring and measurement system for electricity
  7. Poci: remote for smart home device
  8. Weston: Consultant and constructor for renewable energy
  9. Regen: renewable energy start-up focusing on wind power
  10. Herbachick: All-natural vitamin for chicken
  11. Belimbing Island: Skin care product from belimbing
  12. Flolis: Innovative product to prevent tooth caries
  13. My mas: mask that can filter polutant and kill bacteria
  14. Pro Candy: honey candy to prevent tooth decay
  15. Lapak Sampah Indonesia (LSI): trash processing for extrusion factory and plastic injection factory
  16. Signifer: center of expertise in developing games simulation as an education media
  17. Kios Sehat: vending machine to detect health problems
  18. Tele Health Indonesia: healthcare device to detect blood pressure, health products, consultation, asurance check, ambulance call, and saving health information



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