[RECAP] Digital Marketing Mini Workshop; Startup Edition

by | Nov 5, 2017 | News/Event Page, Recap

On the November 4th, Arrnavi hosted a 4-hour Digital Marketing Mini-Workshop to help Startups understand what is required when launching a digital marketing campaign, whilst explaining how and what to create.

This ranged from first understanding how to track before launching a campaign, whilst including KPI and tracking systems like Google Analytics to track users once in action. This helped startups gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and users.

The discussion facilitator, Francis Jimenez, ran through some important tools that can also be used to not only track data and users, but also market directly at these users. He gave a thorough run down on Google Advertisements, and the power they can have when targeted at the right market. Their ability to be so direct and calculated, right down to the minority of social and demographic groups can be a great tool for startups when launching an online social media campaign.

With a key focus on the Setup of a campaign, it went through other key points such as;

  • Websites. Goals, common mistakes within a website (load speed, long videos etc.), free and paid tools that can be used to create websites and track users, and Pixels and analytics.
  • Social Media Setup. Including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, followed by a Q&A relating to anything social media.
  • Email Marketing. Free and Paid tools, email templates, and also different guides that can help create effective email marketing.

This was followed by the topics of Content Creation and Distribution.

  • Free Tools to create content.
  • Types of Content you need.
  • Brainstorming templates
  • Examples
  • Distribution

Not only does the workshop share knowledge but also is hosting a post-event Facebook page which can help participants to continue learning. This page will answer and questions or inquiries from anyone that attended.

It was a great session that helped all participants understand and build on their ideas and startups to prepare or brainstorm on the way they will create their own campaigns.


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