[RECAP] Krakakoa Arenga Classic Launching Party

by | Dec 3, 2017 | News/Event Page, Recap

Last Tuesday (28/11), our portfolio company Krakakoa launched their newest collection, Arenga Classic, in conjunction with the office warming of SYSTEMIQ Indonesia. 

Unlike other chocolate bars, Arenga Classic comes with double benefits… health and social impact!  The main ingredient of Krakakoa’s new collection is Masarang Palm (Arenga) sugar, which has a lower GI than cane sugar and is rich in anti-oxidants, amino acids, and vitamins. This sugar is sourced from the Masarang Foundation, a non-profit organization run by the famous conservationist Willie Smith. This foundation has been operating since 2001 in Kalimantan and Sulawesi with a clear mission to conserve nature through collaboration with and development of the local population.


“We’re very proud of the collection we’re launching today because I don’t know of any other chocolate in the market that benefits communities, the environment, and consumers the way this collection does.

The Masarang foundation, like Krakakoa works with communities to increase their income, while promoting forest and wildlife conservation. In terms of health benefits, the cocoa and arenga sugar used in these bars are all organically grown, rich in antioxidants and minerals and have cardiovascular benefits. So finally, there’s a chocolate out there that you can feel good eating.’

Sabrina, Krakakoa Co-Founder





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