[RECAP] Markplus Citizen 4.0 Under 40 award

by | Dec 11, 2017 | News, Recap

MarkPlus organised the Citizen 4.0 Under 40 in Jakarta at the MarkPlus Conference

Quoting our Angel Investor Stephanie Hermawan: “Proud to present and appreciate all these Citizen 4.0 Under 40, 40 young changemakers under 40 years old that bravely choose to listen to their life callings and use their lives to positively impact society, humanity and the world through their businesses, organizations and lives by various impacts (poverty eleviation, environment sustainability, women empowerment, veganism, food, organic farming, farmer’s welfare, fair trade, health, zero waste, social cause crowdfunding, quality and access to education, food security, and many more that I cant mention one by one). Thank you for bringing more peace, fairness, justice for the new world. They have redefined what is true success in life and an inspiration to others!! Keep Inspiring and Positively Change the world!! We need more people like you guys! Thank you MarkPlus, Marketeers and Hermawan Kartajaya for highlighting and appreciating these young millenials at MarkPlus Conference.”

Congratulations to Kitabisa, Krakakoa, Duanyam, Burgreens founders for being part of this selective award.

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