[RECAP] Future Agro Challenge National Final 2017

by | Dec 18, 2017 | News, News/Event Page, Recap

Last Tuesday (12/12), Biteback was announced as the winner of Future Agro Challenge Indonesia 2018. Biteback competed againsts 9 other finalists at the largest national agro competition held by BLOCK71 and ANGIN.

Biteback will represent Indonesia at the Global Championship 2018 in Istanbul and compete against 60+ other participants from various countries to claim the the title “Agripreneur of the Year”. At the summit, Biteback will also gain the opportunity to receive mentorship from world-class mentors and get exposure to thousands of potential investors, buyers, partners, and other stakeholders.

At the national final,  Biteback and the other 9 other finalists, had to pitch and answers questions from judges who are coming from various backgrounds. The judges were Rafii Nyomin (Head of ICT at London Sumatra), Nikhil Kapur (Senior Investment Manager of GREE Ventures), Rajis Sinaga (Business Development Manager of Agribusiness Booster BV), and Florence Leong (Executive Advisor at NUS Enterprise).

Prior to the national final, these finalists received mentorships from four top mentors; Christian (Analyst at East Venture), Nathaniel (Consultant at McKinsey), Kris (Mentor at BLOCK71 Singapore), and Melina (Investment Manager at Alpha JWC).

The Top 10 Finalists

  1. Biteback (WINNER) develops a nutrient-dense, more sustainable alternative to palm oil made of edible insects.
  2. Jala (RUNNER-UP) helps shrimp farmers manage their water quality to boost the yield and create sustainable farm.
  3. Karsa (RUNNER-UP) is an agri platform ecosystem, providing stakeholder with information, finance solutions and marketplace.
  4. Crowde is a digital crowd-investing platform help farmers get an alternative capital with win-win profit sharing scheme.
  5. Dattabot (HARA) leverages simple technology to collect and analyze on farm data including for instance field, harvest, farmers, farm inputs and transaction data.
  6. Growpal is an aquaculture investment platform, bridges together the investors, fish farmers and market.
  7. Magalarva (MGV) is a bioconversion facility that convert organic waste using Black Soldier Flies (BSF) into protein isolate for animal feed which mainly imported by the local animal feed producers in Indonesia.
  8. Pandawa Agri Indonesia is an agrochemical company that focus on eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides in agriculture.
  9. PanenID is direct and fair trading platform for farmers that tries to revolutionize agriculture supply chain management.
  10. Umitron is providing computerized aquaculture model by detecting fish behavior and oceanography data from IoT and satellite.

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