Shinta Kamdani on Bloomberg’s High Flyers

by | Dec 22, 2017

Shinta Kamdani, CEO of the largest distributor of consumer goods Sintesa Group, spoke about her entrepreneurial journey, her visions, and her passion in women empowerment with Haslinda Amin on Bloomberg Television’s “High Flyers”.

On the last episode of High Flyers (19/12), Shinta Kamdani shared the challenges she faced as the first young woman in her family to navigate the direction of three-generation family business which has been running for decades (established in1919), previously known as PT Tigaraksa.

In the interview, Shinta also talked about the barriers she encounters each and everyday as a triple minority (a woman, an ethnic Chinese, and a non-Muslim) in her own country. The good thing is Shinta always takes them positively; in fact, it is her fuel to break every glass ceiling.

Apart from her work for Sintesa Group, Shinta also shared about her passion in women empowerment. Shinta wants to see more women on top, hence she created a supporting ecosystem to make it happen; from setting up women-to-women fund (ANGIN Women Fund) for female entrepreneurs in Indonesia, an incubation program, to an initiative to promote gender equality in workplace (IBCWE).

Find Shinta’s full interview video here.

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