Share Learning with Womena

by | Jan 11, 2018

ANGIN just had an insightful conversation with Womena, a Dubai-based angel investment network and startup ecosystem enabler for MENA region.

Womena was initially established in 2014 as an angel network with dominantly female angel investors. Similar to us, Womena has grown into a bigger startup ecosystem enabler, seeing the needs and opportunities. Another similarity that we share (and ANGIN is excited about) is Womena has objective to achieve gender diversity in the ecosystem, which it aims to achieve by empowering more women, both on the investment and entrepreneur side. The organization has routine programs (e.g. training, workshop, discussion, pitch session) for women entrepreneurs.

Realizing how we share mutual interest and conduct similar activities, we believe that there are learning we can exchange from one another. Moving forward, we commit to be more collaborative, both in learning, potential partnership, and story sharing. One of our exciting initiative would be to publish inspirational story of women entrepreneurs from Womena network on our platform and to have  similar story from our women entrepreneurs to be shared on their website.



A Dubai-based angel investment network and startup ecosystem enabler for MENA region with interest on empowering women and achieving a balanced gender diversity. Find out more about them and their works here.

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