[KNOWLEDGE] The profile Indonesian female entrepreneurs

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From UNESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) report titled “Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurship in ASEAN: Transforming Prospects, Transforming Societies,” we can gather and compare the profile of women entrepreneurs from several ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Below are the highlights:

Almost (more than 90%) female-owned enterprises are small, having employees between 1-5. Indonesia has the largest percentage of small businesses compared to Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.
More than one-fifth of Indonesian female entrepreneurs start their business out of necessity. In other words, they start their businesses simply because there is no better option for earning a living. Philippines and Vietnam have a larger percentage of necessity-driven women entrepreneurs, 31% and 44%, respectively.
Generally, across ASEAN countries, female entrepreneurs report higher fear of failure, that might influence them to limit their expansion, and hence, reducing risks. This self-perception stem from sociocultural norms. Almost half of the Indonesian female entrepreneurs reported higher fear of failure.
Indonesian entrepreneurs, both male and female, have the highest level of new technology used in operating their businesses. Although the gender differences are small, female entrepreneurs are shown making greater use of technology compared to their male counterparts.
Both male and female entrepreneurs in ASEAN region are mostly involved in lower-value activities. More than 70% of female entrepreneurs in Indonesia are in retail trade, hotel, and restaurants sectors.
Source: UNESCAP, Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurship in ASEAN: Transforming Prospects, Transforming Societies, 2017

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