[RESEARCH] Discussion on Startup Assistance Organization

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To complement ANGIN’s research with Sasakawa Peace Foundation on the effectiveness of startup assistance organization, ANGIN team organized two discussions last Wednesday (17/01) at Kantorkuu Coworking Space, Jakarta.

ANGIN, together with Sasakawa Peace Foundation, is currently conducting a research on startup assistance organizations in Indonesia (examples include business incubators, startup accelerators, startup communities/hubs and other ecosystem builders), how they can develop startups effectively, and ultimately how they can contribute to more gender inclusiveness in entrepreneurship.
The main purpose of SAO is to provide support to enterprises until they reach a certain level of maturity. With many SAOs emerging in Indonesia, there are some questions left unanswered.
We have also identified a gap in the representation of women in the growth-stage enterprises in Indonesia. SAOs can potentially play an important role to help women entrepreneurs overcome the additional challenges they face. We want to dig deeper into this by identifying the challenges and how different players in the ecosystem can contribute to narrow the gap.
From the research, we have:
  • Identified any gaps in the services provided by SAOs and services expected by startups/investors
  • Studied the effectiveness of SAOs from three different perspectives: Startups, investors, and SAO
  • Came up with service improvization/actions that can be taken to make SAO environment more gender inclusive.


We’d like to thank you every participant for their valuable insights!
Interested in our research?

We are currently gathering a qualitative survey to be filled by entrepreneurs. You can access the survey here (in English) and here (in Bahasa).

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