ANGIN team member to participate in Australia Awards: International Business Readiness 2018

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We are excited to announce that one of our team members is shortlisted for Australia Awards: International Business Readiness, a course for tech start-ups in agriculture, health, financial, education, and business! ANGIN will continue its commitment to elevating Indonesia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

About Australia Awards:

Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships funded by the Australian Government offering the next generation of Indonesian leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development.
The Australia Awards in Indonesia program carries on a tradition of providing scholarships that have been offered by the Australian Government for more than 60 years. The objective of Australia Awards in Indonesia is to enhance Indonesia’s development through the contributions of internationally qualified professionals and a strong and positive relationship with Australia.
Since 1953, more than 11,500 Indonesian scholarship recipients have studied at Australian tertiary institutions through long term and short term study, with many going on to take leadership positions and make a significant difference to Indonesia’s development.

About Australia Awards: International Business Readiness
The course aims to encourage, support and advance the involvement of Indonesian entrepreneurs or innovators in international business and connect their businesses with market opportunities for international expansion.
Some of the learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of business analysis (competitor, market, business, product) and how to respond to external challenges
  • Analyse the key drivers (legal, political, environment, economic, socio- cultural and technological) that impact start-ups
  • Develop business and marketing plans (analysis, strategies, operational plans, monitoring, financial management) to operate a sustainable business
  • Understand the importance of integrated marketing communications, including social media, branding and public relations
  • Improve the pitch and investment proposal to attract the interest of investors
  • Identify strategies to access finance and capital for international growth of business


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