[RECAP] Welcoming the Future: AI in Your Business Seminar


ANGIN team attended the Welcoming the Future: AI in Your Business seminar on the 20th of February, hosted by UnionSPACE, to gain an insight into the future of how Artificial Intelligence will integrate into businesses in the near coming future. The talks were led by Reynir Fauzan, Co-founder & CMO of Kata.ai and Yugie Nugraha, the Project Lead at Rinna-Microsoft AI & Research and facilitated by an Indonesia Entrepreneur Center (IDEC) team member.

The findings presented were quite interesting, with there being a general consensus that chatbots will be a common business solution, as the future of humans and technology is conversational. The technological economy has thus shifted from an app focus in the mid-to-late 2000s to an intelligence economy. It was also highlighted that for chatbots and similar technology to thrive there are four pillars which must be acknowledged which are support, marketing, commerce and intelligence.

We look forward to the evolution of AI technology as we believe intently that this will be an important tool for entrepreneurs in the future Indonesian startup landscape and will help contribute to more exciting advancements.


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