[RECAP] UNDP Indonesia, Government of Canada, ANGIN Roadshow: Manado


ANGIN team, together with the Government of Canada and the UNDP Indonesia organized a one-day roadshow in Manado last Thursday (22/02).

Exceeding our initial expectation, there were over 40 participants from a diverse set of business background; from tech enabler startup for commodity export-import, brick-and-mortar producers, to handicraft maker from agricultural waste.


The event was opened by UNDP Indonesia Technical Advisor for Innovative Financing, Ikhsan Modjo, followed by a welcoming remarks from Michella Irawan, a Manado-based Nexus Indonesia Leader, and an inspirational talk show with the founder of DuitHape, Sara Dhewanto. In her session, Sara shared her challenges and lesson learned in running her business as well as in fundraising. She reminded everyone that building networks is important, not only to gain knowledge, but also to have a bigger voice in enforcing certain agenda/ issue (Example is Fintech association). Sara also emphasized the importance of understanding potential investor before they enter your company; as each has different characteristic and not all is a fit for you.



Post talk show and lunch break, ANGIN team led two workshops. One was on Investment Readiness and the other was about Scalability and Sustainability.We were left impressed by the activeness of the crowd, especially during interactive game sessions! The event was continued by several one-on-one meetings, dinner, and networking session.


Our roadshow was supported by Connector.ID and ANGIN’s Women Spotlight. Director of Connector.ID, Meredith Peng, provided assistance for participants who were seeking external funding, Meanwhile, Samantha from ANGIN’s Women Spotlight conducted a series of interviews with several inspiring women entrepreneurs in Manado. Among them was an women empowerment initiative that aims to equip housewives with the knowledge to produce fish-based snacks; hence providing them with a source of income. Kindly look forward for their stories on our separate blog posts!


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