[RECAP] Alpha Female: How We Tech Up

Alpha JWC Ventures organized its latest round of Alpha Leader Series event with theme ‘Alpha Female: How We Tech Up’ on Saturday (24/2) at Spacemob, Gama Tower, Jakarta.

Moderated by Melina Subastian (Investment Manager of Alpha JWC), four prominent female leaders in tech industry were invited to share their insight and knowledge in a panel discussion. The four were Grace Natalia (Co-Founder of AsmaraKu), Dayu Dara Permata (SVP GO-JEK, Head of GO-LIFE), Sonia Barquin (Partner, Digital Banking at McKinsey & Company), and Alyssa Maharani (Google Launchpad Accelerator Startup Success Manager).

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Key Messages

  • Do not be afraid to negotiate. According to Sonia, only a small percent of women are willing to negotiate their salary or ask for promotion. ┬áSonia advised women to be more comfortable with their capabilities and omit their fear to ask for more.
  • Get your right support. Alyssa Maharin stressed the importance of getting the right support; from mentors, coaches, and sponsors who will fight for your promotion. This requires an ability to build a good relationship and trust with managers.
  • Don’t stress out, work-life balance is subjective. Grace Natalia reminded women not to compare themselves with other mothers or co-workers as the work-life balance of everyone can differ. It is important for women to discover their own balance.
  • No such thing as ‘or’. Dayu Dara emphasized that as women, we do not need to choose career or love, family or job. She encouraged women to expand their possibilities because she believed women can achieve both.


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