[RECAP] Hivos x Connector.ID

Connector.ID is proud to collaborate with Hivos’ Social Entrepreneurship Support Program, Idea Jam, in delivering a workshop for building a Business Model Canvas on Friday (20/4). Nadira Dinisari from ANGIN was leading the 3-hour long workshop in Code Jam Margonda, Depok with Sarah Ramadhita from Hivos as the moderator. Most of the startups in this program have social impact as the core value of their business. Their ideas range from renewable energy to sustainable farming.

Some key takeaways from the workshop:

  • The Business Model Canvas should give the structure of your business plan and contain elements that provide a coherent view of a business’ key drivers.
  • The Business Model Canvas is meant to evolve as you move through the following steps. It should be updated and refined whenever there is an update in information.
  • When you are thinking about the value proposition of your business, think about how you can map it to each customer segments. One value proposition may speak louder to a certain segment than another. This also applies to the channels of communication since not all segments can be captured through only one channel.
  • It is also important to think about how each customer segment can bring in different revenue streams for the business.
  • Key activities of the business is important in determining the key resources needed, who are the key partners, and finally the cost structure of the business.

It was really refreshing to be presented with startups who have a social impact in mind! We cannot wait until each startup under Idea Jam presents their finalized pitch decks. Best of luck!


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