[RECAP] Tanijoy Soft Launch

On Monday (23/4), ANGIN was invited to the soft launch of Tanijoy Investasi, a startup which connects field partners with small farmers in order to ease and bring transparency to their investments in agriculture. During this soft launch, several speakers were invited to share their knowledge and experience about agriculture and Indonesia’s economy as a whole. The panel consisted of four experts: Poltak Hotradero (Senior Researcher at Indonesia Stock Exchange), Muhaimin Iqbal (Founder & Chairman of Indonesia Startup Center), Romy Cahyadi (CEO of Instellar), and M. Nanda Putra (Co-founder & CEO of Tanijoy).

Here are the key takeaways:

  • According to Mr. Poltak Hotradero, startups such as TaniJoy should be able to make use of their data as it is the value of the startup. Data are very powerful when used correctly, and that is something that other corporations don’t have. For example, startups know exactly the profile of their users.
  • Mr. Muhaimin Iqbal talked about the problems faced by Indonesia, especially in the agriculture sector. Indonesia, despite its potential, has no self-sufficiency in food.
  • The problem lies in how little investments goes to farming in Indonesia where food is always in high demand.
  • Indonesia’s consumption of meat and vegetables are very low compared to the world average. Consumption of meat is only a quarter of the global average, and consumption of vegetables is only a third of the global average.
  • Banks would only allocate around 3 – 6% for agriculture, which shows how little investments go to agriculture and farming.
  • With TaniJoy, it would help people to invest in agriculture in an easy, safe, and transparent way.

We are so excited with the soft launch of Tanijoy, and we hope the social impact it brings would be an inspiration to all. Best of luck for TaniJoy!


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