[RECAP] Indonesia Sustainability Seminar 2018

ANGIN team attended the Indonesia Sustainability Seminar 2018, organized by Most Valued Business (MVB) Indonesia, on 8th May 2018 at Hotel Raffles in Jakarta, Indonesia. The theme of the seminar was “Securing Sustainable Future through Innovation and Dedication”.

A number of interesting speakers from public sector, private sector and the academia share their ideas and experiences on how to incorporate social responsibility in the business processes. The speakers included Alistair Speirs (Chairman of MVB Indonesia), H. E Rasmus A. Kristensen (Ambassador of Denmark for Indonesia), Maria Nindita Radyanti (Executive Director of CECT Trisakti), Paola Cannuciari (Co-Founder of Waste4Change) and Bjorn Heidrich (President Director of BayWa r.e.).

  1. E Rasmus A. Kristensen, the Ambassador of Denmark for Indonesia, in his keynote presentation, highlighted the initiated taken by Denmark towards a sustainable future. The ambassador made a very interesting remark about how innovation is driving sustainability and changing the competitive landscape. He spoke about Denmark’s commitment towards promoting circular economy and resource efficiency. He also shared case studies of how Danish companies are developing and pioneering circular economy solutions. One of the most interesting cases was how many companies are using low-cost clean energy in Denmark to build their massive data centres and then, utilizing the heat produced from data centres to heat homes.

Maria Nindita Radyanti, Director of CECT Trisakti, delivered a presentation on how corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only about external impact and philanthropy but also about the impact of the internal business activities and decisions. Furthermore, she noted that CSR is an activity with the objective of sustainable development and also, demonstrated how businesses can incorporate CSR across the value chain.

The seminar also showcased two businesses, Waste4Change and BayWa r. e., that shared their experiences and how they are contributing towards sustainable development.

Overall, the seminar provided valuable insights into how innovation has led to clean-tech revolution and is driving sustainability.


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