Join our angel network and get exposed to startup ecosystem!

STEP 1: Select your membership package

We have designed several membership packages tailored to the needs of different angel investor profiles. The packages start from IDR 5 million++ (USD 400) per year. Select the package that suits you best: In other words, the membership package you select will determine how far the ANGIN team is involved in your investment process. * Sample of One-Pager document, Fact Sheet document, and Investment Memo can be provided upon request.


STEP 2: Fill in the application form This application form will help us to better understand your motivation to join, your experience, your investment appetite/preferences. It takes only few minutes: Click here to access the form: APPLICATION FORM


STEP 3: Meet our team If your application is accepted, the ANGIN team will contact you to organise a meeting in Jakarta or a Skype/Whatsapp call. It is an opportunity for prospective angel investors to ask questions as well as decide on the package they would like to subscribe to .


STEP 4: Sign the Membership Agreement and pay your membership fees If we are both in line with the membership process, we will send you a Membership agreement to sign as well as an invoice. This membership will summarise both parties’ responsibilities and duties.


STEP 5:  Congratulations, you are now part of the ANGIN Family!


Why do people make angel investments?



The best answer will come from our members themselves. Below are some of the motivations we have heard from our Angel Investors:

  • Objective to make a financial return on their investments
  • Learning from other entrepreneurs to inspire their own conglomerates
  • Enjoying working with entrepreneurs especially as a mentor
  • Desire to give-back to Indonesia– helping to grow local businesses and a new generation of leaders
  • Opportunity to work with enthusiastic startup companies, practicing their business acumen, but in part-time engagements


What are the membership requirements for the ANGIN Angel Network?



Both Individuals and institutionals are eligible for membership. ANGIN Angel Network members are required to sign the Membership Agreement that regulates the relationship with the members. Follow the step above for more information.




Are members committing capital to a fund?




No, our Angel Investors members are not committing capital to a fund. We are structured as a network and not a fund.There is no financial payment expected beyond the annual membership fees meaning we do not charge our members with success fees, carried interest fees, closing fees…


Do I have to invest in opportunities that other members have decided to invest in?



No. Our ANGIN Angel Investors members are not required to invest in any deals. Individual Angel members are entirely free to either invest or not invest in any opportunity proposed within the network. We are providing a full flexibility to our members.

Is there a minimum annual investment amount? How much money do individual angels invest in a company?


No, there are no minimum annual investment amounts for our Angel Investor members. Investment tickets and funding round sizes vary depending on the needs and desires of the entrepreneur. We have Angel Investors looking to invest a few thousand dollars (hundred millions Indonesian Rupiah) to a million dollars (billion Indonesian Rupiah).

As any network, ANGIN Members are expected to be active in the network and to be available for advice, guidance, and opinions to support investment decisions and to help portfolio companies grow.

What services are provided by the ANGIN Operating Team to our Members?

Our full-time operating team and partners service our Angel Investors with a full-end solution to implement their investments:


  • Deal Sourcing: We search investment opportunities on their behalf using our unique network and track-record
  • Deal Flow Management: We organize the investment opportunities and make them easily readable and accessible to our members
  • Deal Screening: We curate and analyze investment opportunities to provide quality pipelines to our members
  • Due Due Diligence: We support our members in analyzing investment opportunities to understand, in depth, the business model and risks/opportunities
  • Transaction and Negotiation Support: We help our members to legally implement their investment, going through all the legal documentation
  • Portfolio Monitoring and Acceleration Support: We support our members to monitor and accelerate their investments
  • Access to Unique Event and Media Exposure: We want to be sure that our members get the exposure they deserve
Are there annual membership fees?



Yes, our members are required to pay an annual membership fee and sign the membership agreement. This fee helps fund the operations of ANGIN Network, which includes both services and resources. ANGIN is a manager-led angel group with a full-time operating team of professionals and advisors that devote all or a portion of their time to delivering services to the members. For more information on the membership pricing, please contact us directly.


How does ANGIN source and screen potential investment opportunities?



Our proposals are proactively sourced by our full-time team or are submitted by our network across Indonesia: individual entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators, universities and capacity builders.

As an Angel Investor Member, you can filter and create your own criteria to help us target the right investment opportunities fitting your needs

How is my privacy protected?


We do not share your contact information with anyone except the contacts you choose to connect with (including the entrepreneurs). Connections with entrepreneurs are made completely on your terms.

How do I get started as a member?



Everything starts with a first meeting or call. We will be delighted to schedule a meeting with you to explain, in details, our activities and mission. Follow the steps above.


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