ANGIN’s Angel Investor: Pierre Martensson and Stig Traavik

Welcoming our new Angels, Pierre Martensson and Stig Traavik

Pierre Martensson

Pierre is the former SVP & Head of International Expansion at Tapad. He successfully managed complex turnaround operations of large organisations in the US, APAC, Europe and South Africa within the Industries of Big Data, Social Media, Ad Tech, Retail, FMCG, Digital Media, Direct Sales, Telecom and e-commerce. He has experience in being CEO and Managing Director of multiple companies across sectors.

Stig Traavik

Stig is the former ambassador of Norway to Indonesia and ASEAN.  He has 20 years experience on the highest levels of international affairs, including as Chief of Staff in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Stig is also a former Judo Olympian and six times national champion. He is passionate about sports for all, currently coaching the Indonesian Paralympic Judo Team.

[UPCOMING] Angel Investing Legal Workshop by SIMFx & BANSEA

Startups and investors are bound by legal agreements, from inception to IPO the legal terms are critical to the development of a company. Although counting on professional legal counsel is necessary, a good understanding of the main legal terms, mechanisms and documents is of great help when investments happen. An investment round, no matter how small, is more complicated than the typical contract, because it involves multiple parties and multiple agreements required by law.
Join BANSEA & SIMFx for an inclusive discussion on the legal aspects of angel investing. Following a broad overview of the legalities surrounding angel investing, participants will have the opportunity to join leading law firms for a fireside chat.
6:30pm – Registration
6:40pm – Opening Remarks by SIMFx & BANSEA
6.50pm – Overview of Legal Aspects for Angel Investing
Mr. Azman Jaafar
Deputy Managing Partner & Founding Member of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing
7:10pm – Fireside Chat with Leading Law Firms
Mr. Azman Jaafar
Deputy Managing Partner & Founding Member of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing
Mr. Peter Doraisamy
Managing Director of Peter Doraisamy
Mr. Chia Ling Koh
Managing Director of OC Queen Street
Dr. Renee Kaddouch
Partner of Genesis Avocats Singapore
Mr. Alfred Chia
Partner of Squire Patton Boggs
7:50pm – Networking
9:00pm — End

[RECAP] NextICorn International Summit 2018

ANGIN was honored to have attended the NextICorn International Summit 2018 from 9 – 10 May 2018, held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. The summit was opened with amazing speakers including Chairman of Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board Thomas Lembong who spoke directly to the audience on the administration’s dedication to supporting the startup ecosystem, the managing director of Sequoia Capital India Sheilendra Singh, and Minister of Communications and Information Technology H.E. Rudiantara. An all-star panel with Indonesian Unicorn CEOs comprised of GO-JEK’s Nadiem Makarim, Traveloka’s Ferry Unardi, Tokopedia’s William Tanuwijaya, and Bukalapak’s Achmad Zaky then spoke about Indonesia’s startup potential in a digital age and their own unique journeys and experiences.

The rest of the conference bustled with activity. In the main hall, speakers from different industry verticals such as fintech, health, and education spoke to concentrated audience members. Meanwhile, hundreds of meetings were occurring between hopeful startups and investors in hallways, meeting rooms, and lunch tables. In total, 70 curated and selected seed to Series C startups were present, including ANGIN’s own portfolio company, Taralite.

ANGIN is delighted to have partaken in such a meaningful and productive conference. We are grateful to have reconnected with so many familiar faces and meet many new ones, and highly anticipate next year’s NextICorn summit.

[UPCOMING] Shinta Kamdani to speak at the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards

We are proud to announce that our very own Shinta Kamdani will be a speaker at the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Ceremony due to take place on April 26 at Capella, in Singapore.
Founded in 2006 with INSEAD business school and McKinsey & Company, the Cartier Awards select each year six talented women entrepreneurs, one from every region of the world. The competition aims to support creative, financially sustainable and responsible women-led businesses in all countries and across all industries. Here is a presentation video to give you a glimpse of who they are and what they do.
This year, for the first time, Cartier is partnering with TED to celebrate women and bold ideas.
We have no doubt that Shinta’s business achievements and personal journey will help inspire a new community of women entrepreneurs. ANGIN continues to support empowering women in their entrepreneurial and career journeys, and hopes that this event will help catalyze more women to exhibit qualities of leadership, strength, and resilience.

[RECAP] UBS x ANGIN Empowering Women High Tea

On 4 April, 2018, ANGIN co-hosted a high tea event with UBS Unique. The event was a chance for attendees to gain greater insight into the world of impact investing and gender-lens investment. Tracey Woon of UBS moderated the discussion – two presentations and a fireside chat with James Gifford, CIO & Head of Impact Investing at UBS, and Shinta Kamdani, CEO of Sintesa Group and Founder of ANGIN.
James Gifford spoke of the many ways that the next generation could have an impact on investment activities, as well as how the world is changing to reward sustainable businesses and punish ones that do harm. Meanwhile, Shinta Kamdani gave a presentation on the strides that ANGIN has taken in women’s empowerment: from the Women Fund to empowering women through Women’s Spotlight, ANGIN has shown a track record of dedication to supporting women throughout the Indonesian startup ecosystem.
The high tea was filled with buzz, networking, and conversations on responsible and sustainable investment. We hope that some of the discussions at the event will lead to concrete actions in both the Indonesian and Singaporean investment ecosystems. ANGIN is looking forward to hosting more productive and insightful events with our friends at UBS Unique in the future.

[RECAP] Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta x ANGIN

On April 9 – 10, Meredith Peng from Connector.ID and Nadira Dinisari from ANGIN were invited as guest speakers at Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta Career Day. Bringing up the subject on how to be a successful entrepreneur and professional, Meredith talked about how entrepreneurship can be done in all aspects of life while Nadira shared her hacks on how to be more happy at work.

Meredith’s talk pointed out ten ways to be entrepreneurial in everyday life: from staying mindful to constant learning, realizing your founder-market fit and not shying away from mentorship and help. These tips can be applied not only to entrepreneurs but really anyone who has an entrepreneurial mindset in constantly creating and taking ownership of one’s life.

The strongest point from Nadira’s discussion is how important it is to be grateful even for the little things. A grateful heart will lead to being happy in work, and subsequently in life. Counting our blessings is one of the sure fire way to be grateful each day. Another important point is that it is important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It serves as a purpose that would always guide you back to your path, be it in your career or life in general.

Aside from speaking to the soon-to-be graduates, Meredith and Nadira also met with promising startups and entrepreneurs that are part of the AMIKOM Incubation Program. It was refreshing to see the ideas that these university students have come up with. As ANGIN, we hope that this is only the start to mark our presence there. In the future, we aim to expand our ecosystem to Yogyakarta and other cities in Indonesia as well.


[RECAP] GIST x ANGIN Angel Investor Training

ANGIN is proud to have partnered with the US State Department, GIST, and VentureWell in creating the first GIST Investors training to angel investors in Indonesia.
The full day training was packed with many topics covering areas of Investment Process Deep Dive, Valuations, Terms, & Negotiations and Gender Lens Investment with speakers: Claire Ruffing from U.S. Department of State, Eli Velasquez from VentureWell,  Gwen Edwards from Angel Resource Institute (ARI), Ramphis Castro from ScienceVest and Melissa Bradley from Project 500.
Some key takeaways from the training:

  • Indonesia has plenty of opportunities – young demographic with no shortage of capital.  The challenge is to educate investors about the opportunities abound in startups. Gwen said that it is about finding the next “unicorn” and lots of “gazelles.”
  • It is important to diversify your portfolio. As Gwen Edwards put it, having 20 investments in your portfolio is about the right number. One cannot complain about the pitfalls of angel investment if one only invests in one startup. After all, angel investment is comparable to investing in the stock market. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • It can take up to 10 years for an angel investor to see significant return from their portfolio. Angel investment is not a quick process; you must nurture and grow the companies you are investing in; some may fail, some may exit, but the process will be different every time and hopefully very rewarding.
  • As an investor, one should carefully craft their investment thesis. This is represented by a few criteria that will define the parameters of your investment. Having an investment thesis is also a marketing tool for yourself, as other angel investors or networks will begin to direct deals that match with your thesis to you once you are known for your thesis.
  • From Virginia Tan: gender-lens investing isn’t necessarily just “social” — it’s also extremely profitable. From her experience, women-led startups have not only been profitable but have also been more consistent with projections. Male entrepreneurs tend to pitch very well but the numbers show a bigger gap in performance versus projection.

The GIST Investor training on 5 April 2018 is the first and just the beginning of many more training and other programs. We look forward to a continued collaboration with GIST in bringing quality events to Indonesia and in providing resources to our angel network and beyond.

[UPCOMING] GIST Investors: Indonesia

Attend the first GIST Investors training program in Indonesia as we delve into science and technology investing topics, including the principles of angel investing, portfolio management and empowering women investors. Also come meet and network with like-minded investors. This event will be co-hosted and curated by ANGIN. To RSVP, send an email to explaining why you would like to join.
Where: Kantorkuu, Agro Plaza, Ground Floor, Jl. H.R Rasuna Said, South Jakarta 12950
– Claire Ruffing, U.S. Department of State
– Eli Velasquez, VentureWell
– Gwen Edwards, Angel Resource Institute
– Melissa Bradley, Project 500
– Ramphis Castro, ScienceVest

About GIST Investors: Indonesia

Already a hub for innovation, Jakarta is attracting young founders who need more than support, they need capital. Now the GIST Initiative is joining forces with in-country investors to empower entrepreneurs in Indonesia looking for funding opportunities to help their startups start and scale. The longer term goal of the partnership is to build a stronger ecosystem for entrepreneurs to grow in Southeast Asia.
The GIST Investors program in Indonesia will be conducted in partnership with the Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN), the largest angle investors group in Indonesia that supports early stage startups.
If you represent a formal investor network, venture capital firm or investment fund and are interested participating in the GIST Investors program in Indonesia, contact Eli Velasquez at

[RECAP] ANGIN Angel Investors at the IMF Gathering of Thought Leaders

Last week, three of our angel investors were invited to IMF Gathering of Thought Leaders Lunch with the IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde. With 10 other leaders, they discussed how business should be more inclusive for women and how sustainable development must include women as part of its main actor.

Shinta Kamdani CEO of Sintesa Group, Mari Elka Pangestu former Minister of Trade in Indonesia, and Svida Alisjahbana CEO of Femina Group were all in attendance and had a productive and lively time at the lunch. We are honored to have had our angels invited to this event, and hope that more opportunities for public-private partnerships to help the world’s most underserved are in store for the future.


Ibu Shinta Kamdani: CEO of Sintesa Group and Co-Founder of ANGIN

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From Indonesia Tatler Website: // 

Shinta Kamdani On Being Indonesia’s Influential Business Leader

Shinta Kamdani, CEO of Sintesa Group, sits down with Indonesia Tatler to talk about her journey to become one of Indonesia’s most influential business leaders. 

The journey to get to where she is has been a long and arduous one. Knowing all along that she would one day be handed the reins of the family business started by her grandfather, Shinta Kamdani had to do everything in her power and more to prove to herself and her parents that she had what it took to lead the company.

Despite being born into a family of entrepreneurs, the third generation heir of the family business started her illustrious career at the very bottom. And proved to them she did. Today, Shinta is the CEO of Sintesa Group, a conglomerate of 17 distinct companies, unified under one banner by Shinta herself.
The family business started as a rubber plantation in 1919 established by Shinta’s grandfather, Oey Kim Tjiang. It then shifted its focus to trading in 1959 when her father, Johnny Widjaja, took over. At that point, it was only a matter of time before Shinta would be handed over the reins. Shinta remembered the times during her primary school years when she would help out at her father’s office, even if it was in the smallest capacity. It was when she was 13 that Shinta got her first experience of trading: selling books door-to-door. Through the successes and failures of the experience, Shinta was determined to push on and gather as much knowledge and experience as possible. No school vacation since then had gone by without Shinta doing some form of work. The trend continued on to her university days, where she would intern at various companies during term breaks.
Having garnered experience at various companies, Shinta immediately began her career at the family business, as a promotion and marketing staff at one of the subsidiaries focusing on consumer products. Despite being the owner’s daughter, she did not receive any form of special treatments. It took years of hard work and putting in plenty of extra effort before she got her first promotion. Shinta was extremely proud of this promotion as years of hard work had finally paid off. No one could take it away from her as she had done it all by her own two hands.

The biggest breakthrough for Shinta came a few years later when she proposed the concept of unifying the numerous independently operating companies under one holding company. Her time in the company had made her able to view its operations from a different perspective, thus identifying the areas which needed improvement. She had finally risen through the ranks and made it into a leadership role.
Today, Sintesa Group is led by a professional management team, with Shinta as its leader. As CEO, Shinta states that the three most important roles for her as CEO are to provide a vision for the future, and to serve and empower the employees. Shinta understands very well that under the new structure, the people working for, and with the company, are the most important components for success.
She learned from a young age to always put her feet on the ground and never to take things for granted. “You have to appreciate the little things. It is important to know that at any time, all our material possessions could be taken away. Always remember who you are, and where you came from,” said Shinta. Passion and discipline are the other two guiding principles that have gotten Shinta to where she is today. It is of utmost importance to love what you do, and to have the self-discipline to always give a hundred per cent. “I may not be the best at something, but I will always give it my best,” said Shinta.
Being in Shinta’s position comes with its own set of challenges and pressure. When she is met with particularly difficult challenges, Shinta likes to take time off alone. It is during this personal time free from distractions that she is able to find solutions, even to the toughest trials. When asked what it is specifically that she does during this time, Shinta had a succinct answer that needed no further explanation: “I dance.”
Outside of the family’s business, Shinta cares a great deal about the environment and the future of entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Shinta is an ardent supporter of the country’s thriving startup scene, and is always looking to help young and aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals. She is the founder ANGIN, GEPI, and IBCSD, and is the Vice-Chair of WWF Indonesia. ANGIN has become Indonesia’s largest network of angel investors, with a focus on funding and mentoring startups in Indonesia, while GEPI connects local entrepreneurs with global developments and investment prospects. The IBCSD is an association of companies committed to promoting sustainable development through sustainable economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.
Success can be difficult to define and is different from one individual to the other. With her multitude of responsibilities, Shinta sees success as being able to achieve a balancing act, and to have all aspects of her life exist in harmony. With so much on her plate, Shinta believes that the best way to find balance is to bring others along and share in the success. “An individual can only do so much, but together we can do so much more,” said Shinta.
While there is so much more that Shinta can share, it would be impossible to fit them all within these pages. In closing, Shinta emphasised once again the significance of never giving up, and to never be afraid of failure.
“In all that I do, if I never give up, if I continue fighting, then I will definitely make it. It pays to be daring, and to never give up. I have failed many times, and it is only because I choose to keep fighting that I am where I am today.”
This story appears in the January 2018 issue of Indonesia Tatler, for the full story, grab the copy at your nearest newsstands, or subscribe here.
[Text by: Kevin Sjahrial; Photographer: Heri N. Heryanto]


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