[RECAP] UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2018

UNLEASH Innovation lab is a global non-profit initiative that brings together 1000+ passionate young talents, experts and facilitators from all around the world to collaborate on ideas and solutions for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). UNLEASH was first held in August in Denmark in 2017. This year the UNLEASH Innovation Lab was held in Singapore from May 30, 2018 to June 6, 2018. It featured 1000 carefully selected talents from 100+ countries and diverse backgrounds, who participated in 8 days of intense ideation to unlock the power of collaboration and human innovation to provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. I was fortunate enough to be selected from a pool of more than 7,000 applicants to attend and participate in the UNLEASH Innovation Lab in Singapore this year.

Inspiring and thought-provoking speeches from experts and leaders such as President of Singapore Halimah Yacob, former President of Timor Leste, Jose Ramos-Horta, Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker and the social humanoid robot, Sophia, were some of the highlights of this year’s event.

This year, UNLEASH focused on 8 SDGs: Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Responsible Supply Chain and Production, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Climate Action. The participants, called Unleash talents, were divided among these 8 categories. In a team consisting of amazing 6 individuals, I worked on SDG 12, Responsible Supply Chain and Production, and developed a solution to tackle the problem of food waste by supermarkets at the consumer level. My team created ‘Second Life Shelves’, an offline and online platform that enables supermarkets to connect with consumers to sell the food that is approaching the specified date (use by, sell by or best before) using a dynamic pricing algorithm.

During the eight-days program, the teams followed a structured innovation process facilitated by content and business experts to co-create innovative ideas and solutions for the designated SDGs. UNLEASH’s innovation process consists of five steps: problem framing, ideation, prototyping, testing and implementation. The teams were carefully formulated to ensure diversity in terms of experience and strengths. Many people might argue that innovation and ideation cannot be structured via pre-determined activities and steps, however, UNLEASH believes that with the help of a structured set of activities and design thinking, teams can co-create and innovate to develop viable solutions for a variety of problems.

Although my team did not win awards for the solution that we developed, I brought home invaluable experiences and gained immense knowledge about how innovation and collaboration can be used for creating an impact and changing the world. I am so glad to have participated in UNLEASH 2018, and to have met so many amazing, inspiring and like-minded individuals that I, now, can call my “UNLEASH Family”.


UNLEASH is a global non-profit initiative that is supported by various global actors, including UNDP, Deloitte, Carlsberg Foundation, and Dalberg. UNLEASH will be hosting the innovation lab every year until 2030 with an aim to tackle the SDGs. It’s exciting to see UNLEASH creating a wave of change around the world and inspiring thousands every year to create a better and more sustainable world.

Find out more at www.unleash.org

If you would like to know more about my experience at UNLEASH, shoot me an email at riaz@angin.id

[RECAP] Young Technopreneur (YTech) Award Ceremony

On 16 May, 2018, ANGIN attended the Young Technopreneur (YTech) Awards Ceremony, located at @america. The YTech program is strengthening U.S.-Indonesia partnerships in the digital economy and helping usher in cutting-edge digital solutions and apps by young Indonesians to address local and global challenges. Young technology-backed startups pitched in front of a panel of investors, who gave their candid feedback. This spirited session was followed up by the awards ceremony and an inspiring speech by US Ambassador Donovan.

ANGIN is excited to have witnessed such strong determination from these young startup leaders. We are excited to see further programs supporting Indonesian startups from our friends at the US Embassy.


[UPCOMING] Women in Blockchain

Who run the world?
Women sure have a huge part in running the world, including the Blockchain world.
Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia is inviting you to join us in a sharing session, Women in Blockchain. We will talk about how women play important roles in Blockchain industry.
Three powerful incredible women will share their experience and knowledge with us:
1. Pandu Sastrowardoyo, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Blockchain Zoo.
2. Daphne Ng, Secretary General of Singapore Blockchain Association (ACCESS).
3. Merlina Li, Founding Member of Indonesia Blockchain Network, Head of Marketing & Partnership at Triv.co.id.
Moderated by Meredith Peng, Director of Connector.id and Senior Consultant at ANGIN.
Register now for FREE! (bit.ly/blocktalk52018)
Thursday, 3 May 2018
2.00 PM – 4.00 PM
Wisma Barito Pacific, Lv.1A

[UPCOMING] Shinta Kamdani to speak at the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards

We are proud to announce that our very own Shinta Kamdani will be a speaker at the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Ceremony due to take place on April 26 at Capella, in Singapore.
Founded in 2006 with INSEAD business school and McKinsey & Company, the Cartier Awards select each year six talented women entrepreneurs, one from every region of the world. The competition aims to support creative, financially sustainable and responsible women-led businesses in all countries and across all industries. Here is a presentation video to give you a glimpse of who they are and what they do.
This year, for the first time, Cartier is partnering with TED to celebrate women and bold ideas.
We have no doubt that Shinta’s business achievements and personal journey will help inspire a new community of women entrepreneurs. ANGIN continues to support empowering women in their entrepreneurial and career journeys, and hopes that this event will help catalyze more women to exhibit qualities of leadership, strength, and resilience.

[RECAP] Kick Off The NextDev 2018

On Mon (16/4), The NextDev 2018 finally had their Kick Off at Empirica, SCBD. The NextDev is in search of the best Indonesian tech startup in the field of social impact. The winners of this competition would have access to mentoring, market opportunities, and will receive equity-free funding for their startup!

Here are the things you need to know about The NextDev:

  • The NextDev incorporates incubation and accelerator program in their competition to give enough foundation for startups to access the market and various stakeholders.
  • They are raising the topic of social impact, meaning startups should consider what kind of social impact they are trying to target.
  • Currently, the problems startups are facing are lack of talent pool & resources especially in technology and business development, lack of access to funding, and lack of access to mentorship and network. The NextDev aims to provide all that to the startups joining them.


The NextDev 2018 is now holding their roadshow to various cities in Indonesia which includes Surabaya, Semarang, Denpasar, Batam, Samarinda, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta. Don’t miss their deadlines as they are approaching soon! To apply, just submit your information and pitch decks to Connector.ID and mention NextDev in your application. If your startup makes the cut, we will follow up with you on next steps and then recommend you to the NextDev team. It should take you no longer than 10 minutes. Best of luck!

Media talk about it:








[RECAP] Pedals.ID x Connector.ID Branding Workshop

Last Saturday (13/4), Meredith from Connector.ID and Nadira from ANGIN held their first workshop about branding in Bandung in collaboration with Pedals.ID. Titled ‘Brand or Bust: How to Build Your Brand & Stand Out to Investors’, the 2-hour long workshop was filled with young Bandung entrepreneurs who are keen on developing their own brand.
Some key takeaways from the workshop:

  • You need to know the reason behind why your brand exists. Why should anyone care about your brand? Define the problem statement that your brand will solve!
  • Clarify your unique selling point: what does your brand have that others don’t?
  • Find out how your brand can be ‘superior’ to other brands out there.
  • Define your users! You need to understand your target market in order to better cater their needs. The more specific the better. Creating user personas can help.
  • Don’t forget you need to be able to identify your brand & how it fits in the market. This means creating a thorough competition analysis and positioning your brand in the market.
  • Finally, build a brand message that is emotionally appealing so that people will remember your brand.

This is only the beginning of future workshops held outside Jakarta. We plan on creating more workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs out there in Indonesia and provide more mentoring and resources for them. Best of luck to the Bandung participants that attended the workshop; we hope to see you all soon!

[RECAP] Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta x ANGIN

On April 9 – 10, Meredith Peng from Connector.ID and Nadira Dinisari from ANGIN were invited as guest speakers at Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta Career Day. Bringing up the subject on how to be a successful entrepreneur and professional, Meredith talked about how entrepreneurship can be done in all aspects of life while Nadira shared her hacks on how to be more happy at work.

Meredith’s talk pointed out ten ways to be entrepreneurial in everyday life: from staying mindful to constant learning, realizing your founder-market fit and not shying away from mentorship and help. These tips can be applied not only to entrepreneurs but really anyone who has an entrepreneurial mindset in constantly creating and taking ownership of one’s life.

The strongest point from Nadira’s discussion is how important it is to be grateful even for the little things. A grateful heart will lead to being happy in work, and subsequently in life. Counting our blessings is one of the sure fire way to be grateful each day. Another important point is that it is important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It serves as a purpose that would always guide you back to your path, be it in your career or life in general.

Aside from speaking to the soon-to-be graduates, Meredith and Nadira also met with promising startups and entrepreneurs that are part of the AMIKOM Incubation Program. It was refreshing to see the ideas that these university students have come up with. As ANGIN, we hope that this is only the start to mark our presence there. In the future, we aim to expand our ecosystem to Yogyakarta and other cities in Indonesia as well.


[RECAP] BLOCK71 Healthtech Deep Dive

On March 14, Connector.ID’s Meredith moderated a panel with several healthtech startups making waves in the industry as we know it. In attendance were Nathanael Faibis, CEO of Alodokter, Vinita Choolani, CMO of INEX Innovations Exchange, and Anda Waluyo Sarpadan, COO of Sehati and TeleCTG. Here are some key takeaways from the panel:

    1. What’s in an ideal team? The right combination of passion and skill. To join a healthtech startup, one needs to be motivated and driven enough to endure sleepless nights and the hustle, grind, and uncertainty of startup life. This requires truly believing in the product and the potential impact it may have on society. On the other hand, skills are extremely important – even if you have all the passion in the world, you must still have the right skills (or at least be willing to learn).
    2. It’s not just creating one product; it’s creating an ecosystem. Anda of Sehati and TeleCTG emphasized her team’s approach of creating a holistic solution to the health problem she is trying to address. Rather than just creating one product, she is addressing the issue from beginning to end, creating the infrastructure necessary to implement her TeleCTG innovation which creates a portable, on-the-go CTG device for pregnant women to check maternal health and send data. Meanwhile, Sehati is a mobile app that answers pregnant womens’ most pressing questions, schedules doctors’ appointments, provides an journal interface, and calculates pregnancy condition.
    3. To be number one, you need to do the dirty work. The secret to being #1 on the app store in Indonesia? Nothing extraordinary. Nathanael explains that being number one simply means working hard and consistently to validate your ideas and create something that your user loves.
    4. Local presence is key to market dominance. Vinita recalled INEX’s time in Australia, where they went from millions in market share to zero after local competitors stepped in, undercutting her entire business. Because those local competitors could quickly pivot and respond to demand – saving on time and money -, her business had no chance. Now, she is setting up shop in Indonesia and has a local office here, where she hopes she can fulfill the demand for her groundbreaking innovations in ovarian cancer detection
    5. Partnerships – important, but not essential. Lastly, a hot debate erupted over whether or not partnership and collaboration are essential to a startup’s growth. While Anda and Vinita noted that partnerships were quite vital to their startups’ success, Nathanael gave a different point of view. While partnerships can be important, one does not necessarily need a partnership at every step of the way. There are some things that you can do yourself, and if that is the most efficient way then it’s the way to go.


The Deep Dive on Healthtech was one of the most exciting and well-attended events at BLOCK71 to date. We look forward to the next Deep Dive and are grateful to BLOCK71 for inviting us to participate in such a thought-provoking panel.


[UPCOMING EVENT] IDX Startups #GoPublic

Ketika membangun startup, founder sudah harus memiliki rencana jangka panjang bagi bisnisnya. Salah salah hal yang harus direncanakan adalah exit strategy.
Exit strategy yang paling umum ditempuh yaitu merger and acquisition (M&A) dan Initial Public Offering (IPO). WhatsApp adalah contoh perusahaan global yang memilih jalur M&A, sementara Alibaba dan Facebook memutuskan untuk go IPO.
Di Indonesia sendiri, kita sudah mendengar beberapa startup teknologi diakuisisi oleh perusahaan lebih besar, seperti baru-baru ini Tiket.com oleh Blibli.com dan Midtrans oleh GO-JEK. Tahun lalu, Kioson dan MCash resmi mencatatkan saham perdana mereka di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI).
IPO yang dilakukan oleh kedua startup ini bisa dibilang sukses, dengan permintaan saham lumayan tinggi dari investor. Harga saham mereka pun naik jauh dari harga patok awal.
Apa saja hal yang harus dipersiapkan jika startup ingin go public? Bagaimana proses pencatatan saham perdana di BEI?
Bursa Efek Indonesia, Kresna Securities dan BLOCK71 Jakarta mengajak para founder startup untuk mengikuti sesi mengenai “Startups #GoPublic”. Adapun topik yang akan dibahas yaitu:

  • IPO Overview and Regulation oleh perwakilan BEI
  • Pre-IPO Process and Business Valuation for Startup Company oleh Octavianus Budiyanto, President Direktur Kresna Securities
  • Panel discussion tentang IPO success story, menghadirkan Martin Suharlie, CEO of MCash, perwakilan BEI dan Octavianus Budiyanto, President Director Kresna Securities. Panel discussion ini akan dimoderatori oleh Adrian Lim, Direktur BLOCK71 Jakarta

To RSVP, click HERE!

[RECAP] UNDP Indonesia, Government of Canada, ANGIN Roadshow: Lampung


ANGIN, together with UNDP Indonesia and the Government of Canada, just finished a 2-day workshop in Lampung (19/02 – 20/02) aimed at empowering social enterprises in the agricultural value chain. The event was also supported by Connector.ID, which provided full-day individual consulting session for those seeking external funding.


Opening remarks were given by Deputy Director of UNDP Indonesia, Francine Pickup, continued by Roadshow program introduction by Natalia Rialucky (Head of Impact Investing at ANGIN) and Valencia Dea (Principal of ANGIN), as well as Connector.ID introduction by Meredith Peng (Director of Connector.ID).

The main event began with an inspirational talk by Sabrina Mustopo, co-founder of Krakakoa, who shared the story of her chocolate company which aims to empower farmers by implementing a bean-to-bar concept, which helps farmers to capture higher value add and ultimately, larger amount of income.



During her session, Sabrina mentioned three key messages:

  • Network is crucial. Sabrina started with no access to farmers and limited knowledge on agriculture. All were overcame as she enlarged her network and actively asked questions to people
  • Fundraise more. Sabrina recommended to fundraise more than initial estimation as it will allow entrepreneurs to focus more on growing the business than tightening the budget due to capital limitation
  • Set a strong “Why”. Based on her experience, Sabrina reminded that social entrepreneurs’ journey will be filled with a lot of challenges that can break their spirit down, especially when no solid motivation is in place


After Sabrina’s talk show, the event was followed with three-series of workshops. ANGIN team led two workshops, Investment Readiness and Sustainability and Scalability; while UNDP Indonesia Technical Advisor of SDGs, Ansye Sopacua, filled in a workshop on Impact Measurement.

On the second day, ANGIN team and Connector.ID provided a series of one-on-one meetings with participants, with an aim to mainly support them on fundraising.

We were very happy to see more than 50 engaging entrepreneurs who do not come only from Lampung but also from other cities in Sumatera, Jakarta, Bogor, and Bandung. We would love to thank all the participants for their activeness and eagerness to learn. Wishing you all the best!