Discover the most inspirational female figures in Indonesia’s entrepreneurial scene



Elsye Yolanda: Operation Chief of GnB Accelerator

Elsye Yolanda oversees the operations of the Silicon Valley and Japanese-backed GnB Accelerator Program. Passionate about helping others, she channels that passion through helping startups. In this interview, she speaks on the challenges that women face in a male-dominated ecosystem, the need for more women in accelerators, and her thoughts on CSR in Indonesia.

Elsa Dewi Santika: Co-Founder of Luminocean

Elsa Dewi Santika is an ex-engineer turned startup founder, passionate about the environment and education. Through Luminocean, she helps promote sustainable ecotourism while giving back to the local community through education. Read more about her journey in this interview.

Fany & Okthalia of Wonderlabs Academy

Fany & Ocha are two women in Yogyakarta who are creating opportunities for females in tech. By helping create a female programming academy, they are trying to empower women through their careers, upend stereotypes, and prove that women can be great programmers, too.

Crystal Widjaja: GO-JEK SVP Business Intelligence

Crystal Widjaja of GO-JEK describes her journey with data science, her outlook on Indonesia versus Silicon Valley, and her thoughts on empowering more women to take on STEM roles in an exclusive interview with ANGIN.

Sunarni Widyastuti of Repong Indonesia

Sunarni Widyastuti is a part of Repong Indonesia, an initiative to preserve the forestlands of Lampung and generate sustainable jobs. Read her words detailing her passion for sustainability, protection of animal species, and steps we can take to protect Indonesian forests.

Siti Fuadilla Alchumaira: Co-Founder of Empowomen

Siti Fuadilla Alchumaira is the co-founder of a women’s empowerment initiative in Lampung called Empowomen. Through capacity building, project management, and team building, Empowomen helps shape women into leaders to take charge of their communities. Read more about Siti’s thoughts on women’s empowerment, the work she does through Empowomen, and the challenges she faces in establishing her movement.

Lientje H.K. Mamahit: Founder of UD Makaarwen

Lientje H.K. Mamahit, a female entrepreneur focused in agribusiness, finds success in powdered herbal health drinks. With her drive and determination, she elaborates on her founding story, her other initiatives, and how she plans on expanding her business.

Reita Annur: Dompet Dhuafa

Reita Annur speaks about Dompet Dhuafa, a zakat financing initiative that empowers people in need with a goal of scaling abroad.

Rizkia Meutia Putri – Community Leader in Lampung

Rizkia Meutia Putri is a community leader in Lampung seeking to empower communities through the tourism industry. In her interview, she speaks on reinvigorating Lampung’s tourism, supportive women networks, and challenges in her work.

Hasria Sarianto: Founder of Poklasar

Hasria Sarianto, founder of Poklasar, talks about her inspiration for economically empowering women and addressing domestic violence through this empowerment, as well as her day-to-day challenges running a food and beverage company in Manado.

Ria Pratiwi: WIZEL Project

Ria Pratiwi of WIZEL Project speaks out on challenges as a woman in fundraising, of the need for sustainability in the fashion industry, and of financially empowering housewives in Lampung.

Suriana: Founder of Lyvia

Suriana, founder of Lyvia – an enterprise in Manado that employs women to produce specialty sambal – speaks about her inspiration, the reason why she chose to pursue entrepreneurship, and supporting other women.

Dwi Siti Sundari: Co-Founder of D’Harvest

Dwi Siti Sundari, co-founder of D’Harvest – an enterprise based in Manado, Indonesia that employs and empowers women through producing local snacks – shares her story, her challenges, and the importance of empowering your own community.

Pravitasari: Co-founder of TuneMap

Pravitasari, co-founder of TuneMap, shares her vision for an inclusive city that provides pedestrian access for the visually impaired, while also encouraging walkability around cities. She talks about her challenges in running a startup, provides some tips on leadership and how to balance work and family life.

Metha Trisnawati: Co-founder of Sayurbox

Metha Trisnawati is the co-founder of Sayurbox, an e-commerce platform distributing fresh and seasonal produce from local farmers. In this interview, she discusses the importance of empowering farmers, and the stigmas women still face in society.

Claire Quillet: CEO of Towards Sustainable Businesses (TSB)

Claire Quillet, CEO of TSB, a consultancy agency that designs and implements WASH (water, sanitation and health) development programs. She discusses the importance of universal access to WASH, challenges she has faced throughout her career and education as the key to creating a better future.

Giulia Sartori: Founder of Miachia

Giulia Sartori, founder of Miachia, chats to us about her passion for healthy eating, how she divides her time between work and family, and shares her advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dayu Dara Permata: Senior Vice President of GO-JEK

Dayu Dara Permata, SVP of GO-JEK and co-founder of the GO-LIFE division, discusses her experiences being a woman in male-dominated industry, tips on how to be a leader and the importance of finding meaningful work.

Fena Evans: Program Manager of Bali WISE

Fena Evans, program manager of Bali WISE, is a young woman who has helped young girls all over Bali succeed and begin careers in the hospitality industry. In this interview, she shares how she fell into her work, how she motivates herself, and the stark gender inequalities of some rural areas of Indonesia.

Nuniek Tirta: angel investor, founder of StartupLokal, mother, and wife

Nuniek Tirta, ANGIN’s 60th angel, is a modern day woman – an entrepreneur, serial investor, mother, and wife. In an interview with ANGIN, she describes her ideal startup, reveals her secrets to multitasking, and gives advice to young women who would like to follow in her footsteps.

Sara Dhewanto, Founder of duithape

ANGIN Women's Spotlight series seeks to showcase a diverse array of inspiring women leaders and their stories and experiences in order to shed light on the unique experiences of women in business. We hope that both men and women can gain from these shared experiences,...

Amina Qonita, Founder of SNCTRY Health Bar

ANGIN Women's Spotlight series seeks to showcase a diverse array of inspiring women leaders and their stories and experiences in order to shed light on the unique experiences of women in business. We hope that both men and women can gain from these shared experiences,...

Noni Purnomo

President Director of the Bluebird Group

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