Fany & Okthalia of Wonderlabs Academy

Tell me a bit about yourselves. My name is Okthalia. I’m a business major student. Aside from being a student, I’m also involved with female empowerment. I inspire to be a changemaker, no matter what others say. I’m really concerned about women’s rights and how women...

Du’Anyam Receives Investment from Northstar Foundation

Du’Anyam, Indonesia’s first social enterprise focusing on wicker crafts, is pleased to announce that it has received an investment from the Northstar Foundation. Du’Anyam produces and distributes wicker crafts to empower women, promote culture, and improve...

Vanessa Hendriadi Li: CEO & Co-Founder of Go-Rework Coworking Space

Tell us a bit about yourself. I’m Vanessa Hendriadi Li, and I’m CEO and co-founder of Go-Rework Coworking Space. You’ve had extensive experience working in IT, marketing, finance and you also have a background in chemical engineering. How did you come to starting your...


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Fany & Okthalia of Wonderlabs Academy

Fany & Ocha are two women in Yogyakarta who are creating opportunities for females in tech. By helping create a female programming academy, they are trying to empower women through their careers, upend stereotypes, and prove that women can be great programmers, too.

Pravitasari: Co-founder of TuneMap

Pravitasari, co-founder of TuneMap, shares her vision for an inclusive city that provides pedestrian access for the visually impaired, while also encouraging walkability around cities. She talks about her challenges in running a startup, provides some tips on leadership and how to balance work and family life.

[RECAP] Alpha Female: How We Tech Up

Alpha JWC Ventures organized its latest round of Alpha Leader Series event with theme ‘Alpha Female: How We Tech Up’ on Saturday (24/2)

Metha Trisnawati: Co-founder of Sayurbox

Metha Trisnawati is the co-founder of Sayurbox, an e-commerce platform distributing fresh and seasonal produce from local farmers. In this interview, she discusses the importance of empowering farmers, and the stigmas women still face in society.

Claire Quillet: CEO of Towards Sustainable Businesses (TSB)

Claire Quillet, CEO of TSB, a consultancy agency that designs and implements WASH (water, sanitation and health) development programs. She discusses the importance of universal access to WASH, challenges she has faced throughout her career and education as the key to creating a better future.

Giulia Sartori: Founder of Miachia

Giulia Sartori, founder of Miachia, chats to us about her passion for healthy eating, how she divides her time between work and family, and shares her advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Dayu Dara Permata: Senior Vice President of GO-JEK

Dayu Dara Permata, SVP of GO-JEK and co-founder of the GO-LIFE division, discusses her experiences being a woman in male-dominated industry, tips on how to be a leader and the importance of finding meaningful work.

Fena Evans: Program Manager of Bali WISE

Fena Evans, program manager of Bali WISE, is a young woman who has helped young girls all over Bali succeed and begin careers in the hospitality industry. In this interview, she shares how she fell into her work, how she motivates herself, and the stark gender inequalities of some rural areas of Indonesia.

Nuniek Tirta: angel investor, founder of StartupLokal, mother, and wife

Nuniek Tirta, ANGIN’s 60th angel, is a modern day woman – an entrepreneur, serial investor, mother, and wife. In an interview with ANGIN, she describes her ideal startup, reveals her secrets to multitasking, and gives advice to young women who would like to follow in her footsteps.

[KNOWLEDGE] The profile Indonesian female entrepreneurs

From UNESCAP report titled “Fostering Women’s Entrepreneurship in ASEAN: Transforming Prospects, Transforming Societies”, we can gather and compare the profile of women entrepreneurs from several ASEAN countries.

[UPCOMING] Girls in Tech Festival 2017

Feel empowered by participating in various classes and activities on technology, content creation, personal branding, among other topics in this women-first event!

SheVC Indonesia Kick-Off Gathering

SheVC Indonesia, an initiative for women in investment and finance space, organized its first gathering last Wednesday (11/10).

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