[UPCOMING] NEXUS Ocean SOS tech summit in Manado

Ocean SO Sexists to connect funders, innovators, academics and stakeholders in the ocean technology space. The event will focus on building bridges between organizations and identifying opportunities for win-win collaborations, in an effort to respond...

[UPCOMING] Girls in Tech Festival 2017

In this women-first event, you can participate in engaging classes and activities. Topics covered include technology, content creation, personal branding, healthy lifestyle, digital parenting, among other topics! There will be a sharing and networking...

[UPCOMING] Market Development Forum: Women Empowerment in Green Economy

Millenium Challenge Account Indonesia (MCAI) to organize a Market Development Forum with theme "Women Empowerment in Green Economy: Develop Entrepreneurship through Innovation and Access to Network" this Wednesday, December 13, at Balai Kartini. Through...


Get inspired, empowered, and heard!



[UPCOMING] Girls in Tech Festival 2017

Feel empowered by participating in various classes and activities on technology, content creation, personal branding, among other topics in this women-first event!

SheVC Indonesia Kick-Off Gathering

SheVC Indonesia, an initiative for women in investment and finance space, organized its first gathering last Wednesday (11/10).

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