Minister Yohana aiming to foster change

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Makassar (6/10) – “Women are able to prove themselves independent and empowered if given equal access and opportunity in the economy,” said Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Yohana Yembise when opening the 27th IWAPI National Working Meeting held at Clarion Hotel Makassar, Jum’at (6/10/2017). The 27th IWAPI National Congress held simultaneously becomes an opportunity for all participants to interact and share experiences with each other on women’s empowerment in the economic field.
”The existence of IWAPI as a non-governmental organization concerned with women’s empowerment in the economic sector may play a strategic role in enhancing the capacity and quality of women entrepreneurs, and helping them to gain greater access to diverse economic resources. We continue to seek women’s empowerment in the economic field through 3 ENDS or 3 AKHIRI Featured Programs, one of which is End Gap Economic Access for Women. For that I am optimistic IWAPI can synergize with Kemen PPPA in empowering women, “said Yohana.
Yohana added that through this Rakernas, it is expected to produce various thoughts and strategic recommendations, both for IWAPI organization, and for the government in an effort to increase women empowerment in the economic field.
“I also hope that IWAPI officials in the regions can work together and synergize with the Women Empowerment Department in all provinces and districts in order to improve the quality and capacity of women entrepreneurs, especially micro businesses. In the end, it can accelerate the realization of women prosperity evenly in all regions, ” said Yohana.
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“I am an independent woman following my natural instinct to lead,” Yohana says. “I would like to become an agent of change by empowering women to be more powerful in all aspects of their lives and in national development. I want young women to stand up and fight for their rights and freedom.”
Her world view has been shaped in part by her studies overseas—in Singapore, Canada and Australia where in 2007, aided by an Australian Development Scholarship, she earned a PhD in Teaching English as a Second Language at Newcastle University.

She maintains links with the university and remains a strong advocate for overseas study as a means of broadening minds and horizons. At one stage, she was on a selection panel in Indonesia awarding Australian Development Scholarships to talented young Indonesians wanting to pursue higher education in Australia.
In 2012 she had the honor of becoming Papua’s first ever female professor when she was named professor in the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education at the University of Cenderawasih in Papua.
Then, just two years later in 2014, President Joko Widodo named her Indonesia’s Minister for Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection. The role suits her perfectly.
Now in the senior ranks of Indonesia’s government, Minister Yembise is determined to raise the status of women in Indonesia.
“I have to open people’s eyes to ensure issues for women and children are seen as part of our national development. I have been through the experience of facing strong customary law and religion, yet I have proven that women can make a difference,” she said.


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