EVHive X BaliWISE Learn How to Empower Women throughout Indonesia, from Jakarta!

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(2017/11/08) It was an inspiring moment attending the event organized by the women in our ecosystem on empowering other women across Indonesia through a local program called BaliWISE. The event featured a background presentation by Ellen Nio from Patamar Capital, as well as introduction to R.O.L.E foundation, initiator of BaliWISE program. Taken place in JSC Hive, the event attracted a wide range of audiences from social enterprises, investment companies, aspiring entrepreneurs, to the general public who are interested in the cause.

The initiative BaliWISE enables marginalized women from all places of Indonesia to receive education and vocational training.Gender inequality issues and what we can do to improve the issues. Rooted in Bali, they chose tourism and hospitality industry to be the subject and main channel of employment opportunities. The program consists of 6 months full scholarship, and since 2007 until now they have over 1200 direct beneficiaries. Their presence has reached not just Bali, but also Lombok, Flores, and East Java. Marginalized women are welcome to apply from all parts of Indonesia. By tackling gender gap through education, they wish to reduce dropout rates of young women, as well as to prevent them to get employed in unskilled occupation

What are the issues and why should we care about gender gap?

Women are powerful drivers of growth and poverty alleviation. Research and prior observations have proven that empowerment of women benefits the whole family, which will sustain the generation afterwards.

Many challenges in closing the gender gap persists, such as women-dominated industries are valued and perceived as lower than male dominated industries. Furthermore, most women will need to sacrifice their family and marriage in order to pursue their career, making economic empowerment of women a difficult subject for the public and private sector. Others such as gender bias, cultural duties, and early pregnancy are few examples of the problems needed to be overcome.

Visit BaliWISE website to know more and find out how you can contribute to Indonesian women empowerment.

It was delightful and exciting for ANGIN team to know about the initiatives that target women economic empowerment. We fully support the cause and are open for collaboration to address the challenge. Contact us at contact@angin.id for further inquiries.
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