[RECAP] ANGIN Team At Innovfest Unbound!

ANGIN is honored to be invited to Innovfest Unbound, where it showcases Southeast Asia’s most innovative development. This year, there were more than 12,000 entrepreneurs, brands, corporates, investors, and tech start-ups from 100+ countries that attended this event to share new ideas and build meaningful partnerships.


With only 2 days, it is amazing how much knowledge and ideas they can deliver through panel discussions and workshops. The team attended several panel discussions, such as: Innovation Opportunities in ASEAN, Building a Digital Economy, Solutions for Sustainable Global Goals, Practical AI Solutions, Investing in SEA, and many more!

Aside from the numerous panel discussions, Innovfest also exhibits many tech start-ups in the region. The ANGIN team is pleased to be able to talk to several start-ups that were exhibiting. It is exciting to understand what they are doing in this digital world and how innovative their solutions are for the current problem we are facing. If you are a start-up that were exhibiting at Innovfest, we might have talked! Leave a reply on the comments and let’s connect again.

The highlight of the second day is probably the Unilever Startup Foundry Battle! Here, selected tech start-ups presented their pitch in order to win a chance to work with Unilever. The start-ups are so amazing that this is the first year there were double winners. Congratulations to Pencil and Vase for winning the battle! Pencil is trying to solve the problem where the rapid change in marketing landscape makes it hard for brands to create high quality personalised advertisements while Vase offers two AI-powered products for both quantitative and qualitative research.

We look forward to activities by Innovfest Unbound and and see what is the next innovative creation!

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