SAO (accelerator/incubator…) in Indonesia: Taxonomy & Landscape

ANGIN, Sasakawa Peace Foundation

ANGIN, supported by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation from Japan, has launched a new research report titled, ‘Start-up Assistance Organizations in Indonesia: Taxonomy and Landscape’. 

First of its kind, the report dissects and maps the landscape of start-up assistance organizations (SAOs) – defined as entities that offer a spectrum of support services to entrepreneurs and ventures at different growth stages to develop successful and viable businesses – in Indonesia, and provides first insights into gender inclusion in SAO programs in Indonesia. The first of a two-part series, this project first maps out the SAO ecosystem and provides more clarity in distinguishing features of available support programs. It identifies 53 SAO programs in Indonesia and classifies the programs into four main categories: incubators, accelerators, ecosystem builders, and other support programs.

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The second part of this project, titled, ‘Start-up Assistance Organizations in Indonesia: Performance, Challenges and Solutions’, provides insights about the performance of Indonesian SAOs from the perspective of three main ecosystem players: SAOs, capital providers, and start-ups. The report also provides key findings on how SAOs can support women entrepreneurs.


The second report on ” Start-up Assistance Organizations in Indonesia: Performance, Challenges and Solutions – Special Focus on Gender Inclusion” can be accessed here.


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