[RECAP] Nexus Indonesia Salon

NEXUS Indonesia organized its first Salon in Jakarta with theme “Sustainability Check Up & Incubating Ideas on the Workers Safety”. At this event, ANGIN team had the opportunity to mingle with more than 20 exceptional young individuals, who have interest to tackle certain social and/or environmental causes. For the whole night, we were struck by their story and their passion in doing their impactful works; that ranges from educating women migrants, creating alternative solution to plastics, to improving the live of farmers and fishermen.

While these individuals have different backgrounds (from family foundation to social enterprises and business professionals) and aim to achieve a diverse set of impact missions (from women empowerment, environmental protection, to poverty alleviation), their common passion and spirit resulted in an engaging dialogue and fruitful idea exchange.

This Salon was also aimed to support Fahreza & Janhavi from http://www.tft-earth.org/. Through their work, they found that the workers at the end of the supply chain are exposed to dangers to the wild animals, accidents like cuts being hit by heavy fruits. As there is a high no of accident rate, the workers refused to wear the safety equipment. Through this Salon, Fahreza and Janhavi facilitated a discussion on how to address the issue. In the short term, they also plan to organize a hackathon to collect more insightful solution to this challenges. Currently, they are welcoming ideas and support from everyone (Any thought? Feel free to drop comment below!)

Seeing young individuals thriving to make a better Indonesia revived our spirit to create better impact for the country. This event is a refreshing experience. We thank NEXUS Indonesia leader and our very own angel investor, Michella Irawan, for hosting this amazing event and inviting us.



NEXUS is uniting Next Gen Philanthropists, Impact Investors and Social entrepreneurs to encourage collaboration and the goal is to catalyze new leadership in order to accelerate the most promising global solutions of our generations. NEXUS has over 40 Country Chapter (Including Asia – Europe – India – Middle East – Africa and many more ), has over 3500 members, 37 Summits & Forums & 15 working groups and labs that address the different topic & global challenges.

NEXUS holds member interactions to be sacred and safe, which is why solicitation in not permitted. NEXUS events are not transactional; rather they aim for authentic connection and inspiration. Salons are a meet up where members get to deep dive in a topic and its a good chance for likeminded peers to catch up and share wonderful resources like ideas/support/network.

In Indonesia, NEXUS Indonesia chapter  aims to create a Warm & Safe space for Indonesia members and likeminded peers- to cultivate trust by living with a sincere wish to help each other access our best selves and to contribute to the needs of our global community.

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