[RECAP] Rise Inc: The Right Funding for Social Enterprises

Realizing that finding the right funders and securing finances can be challenging for social entrepreneurs, Rise Inc. organized a workshop titled “The Right Funding for Social Enterprises (SEs)” for its incubated companies. Through this workshop, Rise Inc team shared knowledge on sources of funding and tips and tricks to fundraise.

To even better prepare their incubated SEs, Rise Inc.’s team held a pitching practice for them. ANGIN team had the opportunity to sit in a panel session together with team member of Patamar Capital, Empassion, and Digitaraya. There were 14 SEs who pitch; they come from variety of sectors. The 14 SEs were Dukung.ID, Tenoon, Diffago, Camp on Farm, Ortwo, Cooltura, Jahitin.com, Tanijoy, Studio Dapur, Lactashare, Siswa Wirausaha, Jelajah Garut, Botanina and Melaut.

We thank Rise Inc. team for inviting us. We had a great time hearing the business story and progress of these SEs.

Good luck for all Rise Inc’s graduates!

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