[RECAP] IDACB World Blockchain Roadshow

On Mon (2/6) ANGIN was invited to attend the World Blockchain Roadshow hosted by the IDACB (International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain) at the Mandarin Oriental in Central Jakarta.

The roadshow’s only event in Jakarta featured pitches by seven blockchain or cryptocurrency companies trying to raise money through a token offering.

Featured were:
AI Opinion, a company trying to use AI-based analysis to predict and diagnose patients’ scans
mycryptobank.io, who are trying to start a cryptocurrency bank,

xinfinity.io, a firm trying to create a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used everywhere,
Bundle Network, a platform that connects you to multiple exchanges,
7seconds.io, who are trying to build credit scores for their user in order to provide them with loans,
Agrotechfarm, who are selling climate-resistant plant incubators that grow at home,
and Bistox Exchange, a trading portal.

We look forward to more development in the blockchain world!

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