[RECAP] Plug and Play Indonesia

Last Wednesday, on the 1st of August, ANGIN’s Meredith and Vivian had the opportunity to meet the noteworthy and inspiring entrepreneurs from Plug and Play Indonesia’s accelerator batch 3 at Fintech Space, Jakarta.

The event was held to announce the 17 lucky startups who got the opportunity to enter the third wave of their program. If competing against 300 startups wasn’t enough, they will also get the chance to receive guidance and be able to network with big Plug and Play partner companies. This time, Plug and Play Indonesia used the theme of “The Uncovered Innovation”, in order to reflect the various sectors, from fintech, agriculture, mobility, and the energy industry.

The startups include:  Asura, AeroEnvoy, Teknojek, Bildeco, Bahasa.ai, Halofina, Gradana, Merapi Tani, Resync, BLH Aqua, Yousolar, Datarobot, Ceres Imaging, Calty Farm, Pixar Psikologi, Circledoo, and TopKarir.

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