[RECAP] B Corp Forum : Gotong Royong 2018


September 3rd 2018 – David Soukhasing (Managing Director of ANGIN) was invited, to the B Corp Forum organised last week, to present about the funding landscape for social enterprises.

Quite new to the Indonesian ecosystem, B Corp is a certification for companies provided by the Non-Profit B Lab Institutions. Certification is given to companies that during the audit process are able to prove that their business process – from the supply chain, operational systems to products / services sold in the market – can have a positive impact and added value. The five aspects of concern in B Corp certification are governance, employees, environment, society and consumers. There are currently more than 2,600 companies from more than 60 countries have B Corp certification. As for Asia, B Corp has become a community consisting of 81 companies and spread in 17 countries. This number is up 10 times compared to 2014. While in Indonesia, there are two B Corp companies namely Percolate Galatic, a creative digital agency, and Danone-AQUA, a bottled drinking water (AMDK) company.

In its mission to grow the social and/or technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in Indonesia, ANGIN has developed its Advisory Services to service clients in understanding better the Indonesian ecosystem and solve operational challenges in achieving the SDGs. ANGIN has led several research works, strategic consulting missions and events for both domestic and international organizations. It was a good opportunity for ANGIN to share some of its views on the market. We mostly focused on highlighting the challenges and opportunity the impact investment landscape is facing. Some of the discussion points :


– Reliance on foreign capital

– Existence of several investment gaps

– Pipeline access and readiness

– Lack of exits and realized returns


Mobilizing the Domestic Capital

Growth of the SAO /enabling environment (See ANGIN research on that topic https://angin.id/angin-resources#angin-research )

Role of new capital providers to fund early stage deals (e.g. fintech)

New investment implementations being discussed (e.g. blended finance, first loss)

Please contact our team at contact@angin.id for the slides used during the presentation.

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