[RECAP] Investing in Women, Investing in Future

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 – Riaz Bhardwaj from ANGIN team participated as one of the speakers and panelists in WomenWill x GBG: Investing in Women, Investing in Future. It was moderated by Dian O. Wulandari, COO Instellar with the other two panelists, Ellen Nio, Associate Patamar Capital and Aria Widyanto, Vice President Amartha. 

The session generally discussed on how to look at different ways of measuring outcomes of initiatives to support women and girls. Also to explore, discuss and learn about issues that are meaningful for women entrepreneurs.

Riaz Bhardwaj from ANGIN shared her research on gender inclusion in SAOs in Indonesia. She revealed that there’s still a low representation of women-led businesses participating in SAOs in Indonesia because of lack awareness of the existence of SAO programs, SAOs and entrepreneurial ecosystem are perceived as male-dominated, and sectoral concentration of SAO activity.

While Aria Widyanto from Amartha shared about Amartha program who’s empowering women through its loan program. They choose to invest in women entrepreneurs specifically in rural areas and so far they have invested 570 billion rupiah to 140.ooo women micro business owners. 

Last but not least, Ellen Nio from Patamar Capital shared on how Patamar Capital choose to support the growth of women entrepreneurs by incorporating gender lens analysis, challenge and avoid unconscious bias, actively seek out women founders, doing gender analysis for existing portfolio company, and detect practices that’s not gender sensitive. Ellen also emphasized that it needs continuous effort and supported by everyone to actively engage women entrepreneurs. 

Through the session, WomenWill and GBG hope that they can keep inspiring and engaging more women, also connecting one and another to do more collaboration together.

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