ANGIN’s Angel Investor: Ivan Kamadjaja

Welcoming our new Angel, Ivan Kamadjaja

Ivan Kamadjaja is an industry veteran with deep financial and logistics expertise. Leading Kamadjaja Group as their CEO, Ivan is keen on furthering technological advancements in logistics to increase productivity and customer satisfaction. With a focus on improving distribution movement for multiple companies, Ivan has raised standards of Kamadjaja Group through a decade and a half. Before taking the reigns of Kamadjaja Group, Ivan had made a career in financial auditing and consulting. In his personal time, Ivan has developed a passion in startup companies. In the past 3 years, Ivan has been an angel investor for several startups, by contributing his 15+ years of experience as highly impact entrepreneur, his business network, and by being mentor to them. Ivan is also active in many startup/scaleup related events as mentor, eg. EO Accelerator, Endeavor annual event, and 1000 Startup.

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