[RECAP] Asia Hardware Battle

[RELEASE] – Monday (24/9), Asia Hardware Battle is present in BLOCK71 Jakarta in “The Next Hardware Superstar”. BLOCK71 represents Indonesia as a partner, as well as a place for Asia Hardware Battle Pitching Competition.

Asia Hardware Battle (AHB) will be touring 10 countries and regions all across Asia in search of the next hardware superstar. This event is a form of appreciation of AHB to entrepreneurs (start up) who have tried to do their best to improve the tech that fuels our daily lives and give them the recognition they deserve. AHB realizes that hardware’s central role in powering devices, small and large, is often overlooked.

This year is the first year that Indonesia has become one of the tour list of “The Next Hardware Superstar”. Block71 had chosen by AHB to become a partner in this event and the representative of Indonesia as a place for “The Final Pitch Day of Asia Hardware Battle Pitching Competition”.

Do not want to miss this opportunity, ten start-ups from Indonesia have registered their companies to participate in this competition such as Amren, ARSA, CV Indobot, DycodeX, ICHIBOT, Neurabot, Orbleaf, PT Atnic, PT Wira energy, and Tanibox. They will compete and try their best to become champions. This competition was also attended by expert judges such as Setiaji (Head of Jakarta Smart City), Chirayu Wadke (Partner, IoT and Connected Devices, SEEDPLUS), Gary P. Khoeng (Executive Director of Vertex Ventures), Irsan Suryadi Saputra (Ecosystem Partner & ISV Business Development, IBM), Tony Hariman (Co-Founder and CEO at CBN Cloud).

This event also has a featured event from BLOCK71 namely Kopi Chat. Kopi Chat will open the “Asia Hardware Battle Pitching Competition” with a seminar on “Intellectual Property and Patents”.

Kopi Chat has realized that protecting innovations curated by startups at every stage of their life-cycle is of utmost importance. Patents are one way to carry out this. Patents are exclusive intellectual property rights (IPR) that can effectively prevent others from making, using, offering for sale, selling or importing a patented technology. As intangible property, patents supplement good reputation and credibility and build authenticity and authority in the marketplace. That’s why Kopi Chat presented the best speakers namely Ardhiyasa (Managing partner at A & Co), Endra A Prabwa (partner at Roosdiono & Partners), and Dimas Prasojo (founder of Poplegal) as moderator. After the judgment, the jury decided the winner of AHB which represent Indonesia. After a tough and long decision, The judges decided ​Neurabot as one of the representatives from asia hardware battle to compete with startup from other countries in china.

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