[RECAP] Incubation Workshop and Tenant Gathering by BIT-BPPT

Thursday, 4th October – Last Thursday, Vivian from ANGIN team was invited to the Incubation Workshop and Tenant Gathering held by BIT-BPPT. BPPT as the governmental institution which focused on research and technology implementation also ran an incubation program specifically for tech startups.

Since 2001, Balai Inkubasi Teknologi (BIT) had incubated around 131 tech startups with three years duration of the incubation program. The incubation program offered several values to the participants, such as providing the office, working on product testing and certification, incorporating the company, mentoring and training, and giving access to market and funding.

This forum was arranged to understand how far the incubated businesses have become and how they survive and compete in the market. Also, there was an open discussion of some feedbacks for a better incubation program later on.

Besides that, there were more than 15 business tenants from BIT incubation program who exhibited their products. The product was pretty varied, from food and beverage, manufacture, agrotech, skin care, etc. They were Zingiber Indoraya, PT. Tryuasda Megah Warna, PT. Karunia Kautsar Perdana, PT. Microtec Sukses Indonesia, PT. Evia Maju Bersama, PT. Graha Atsiri Indonesia, PT. Cipta Mikro Material, PT. Bangun Mesin Sejahtera, PT. Telur Sehat Indonesia, PT Algaepark Indonesia, PT. Valensi Cahaya Persada, PT. Global Indotech Madani, PT. Biomagg Indonesia, PT. Agrotek Pintar Nusantara, Viande Food, and Lubinar.

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