[RECAP] ANGIN attends ChangemakerXChange Vietnam Summit 2018!

ANGIN is proud to have been selected to attend ChangemakerXchange Vietnam Summit from November 8th to November 12th 2018. The summit – co-created by Ashoka and Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation – marked ChangemakerXchange’s first ever women’s summit, and congregated 14 women leaders from all over Southeast Asia to ideate, co-create, and learn from one another. Upon completion, participants enter a network of over 500 inspiring young social entrepreneurs across 90 countries – all trying to make the world a better place. Due to her work leading ANGIN’s Women’s Spotlight and Connector.ID, Meredith Peng (Senior Consultant) represented ANGIN at the summit.

During the summit, Changemakers learned from one another about various leadership frameworks and strategies for accelerating their own ventures and projects. Each participant was able to offer their own skill sets to the mix. For instance:

  1. Meredith Peng, on behalf of ANGIN, hosted an Investor Shark Tank session to help coach the social entrepreneurs present on their pitches and business models, as well as investor readiness and strategies going forward.
  2. Nattinee Dora Sae Ho, founder of Kid Hero (Thailand), offered various leadership frameworks and strategies. Building trust within teams is first and foremost for any organization to expand, and trust is often a process. By forging pathways for team members to succeed at tasks, managers can create smaller increments of trust until a high enough threshold of trust is achieved. Underlying all of this is the motive of leaders – why are leaders behaving the way they are? This is vital for all teams to work together with trust.
  3. Wan Wei Soh, founder of IKIGUIDE (Singapore), hosted a session on using Blockchain technology for social impact. Through understanding the basics of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, participants were then able to understand real world applications of the technology. Blockchain can be a powerful tool for social entrepreneurs who wish to raise funds through ICO or as a means of crowdfunding projects by decentralizing investment.
  4. Greta Rossi, Europe and MENA coordinator for ChangemakerXchange and founder of Recipes for Wellbeing (Italy), taught a session on non-violent communication and applying this method of communication to teams to mitigate and deal with conflicts
  5. Jiezhen Wu, Director at The Hidden Good (Singapore), hosted a session on content creation and storytelling.

Participants were also encouraged to think about their own wellbeing, mental health, and motivation. Failure and burnout were two relevant topics for many participants who face pressure and stress from running ventures. The summit emphasized the importance of emotional wellbeing, expressing gratitude, and practicing empathy in everyday life.

ANGIN is happy and honored to have participated in a summit full of amazing changemakers throughout Southeast Asia. We remain committed to promoting entrepreneurship throughout the ecosystem and hope to bring lessons from the summit back to Indonesia for all entrepreneurs from all walks of life to learn from.

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