[RECAP] ANGIN Partnered with The Asia Pacific Foundation (APF) of Canada event “#TrainingDay: Helping Your Small Business Grow in Indonesia”

ANGIN had a great opportunity to support, as a community partner, The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada training event for MSMEs and entrepreneurs hosted by BLOCK71 Jakarta on November 21st, 2018. The training goal is to introduce relevant Canadian best practices for small businesses through workshops conducted by Canadian trainers (provided by APF Canada) in Indonesian practioners on MSME business development.

David Soukhasing (ANGIN Director) was invited to open the training day and emphasized how much this training was in line with ANGIN’s core mission and activities. ”ANGIN strive to provide key services to both investors and entrepreneurs to make sure that investors are enabled to invest with best practices and more importantly that entrepreneurs manage to get access easier to funding with the right terms and timing, in full transparency. I would like to remind how ANGIN also has pioneered to support women entrepreneur and women empowerment. We are a strong believer that women entrepreneurs do represent a force of change and development for any country. This is why we have included several dedicated programs or gender inclusivity parameters to most of the work ANGIN is doing, and several of them were strongly supported by Canada”.

In this training, Valencia Dea (ANGIN Principal) also shared her presentation about Financing for SMEs. As many SMEs feel constrained to access external financing from traditional sources, there are other non-bank alternatives that address their barriers, such as funding leveraging financial technology (crowd funding)or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and others types of investors such as Angel Investor, Venture Capital, and Impact Investor. Valencia Dea also presented her analysis about pro and contra and also some tips for getting funding from each of these non-bank financing alternatives.

This training session also announced the launch of an online toolkit (developed by APF Canada for Indonesia) for MSMES’key business capacity development needs and a training on MSMEs could use it. Please check the toolkit here : https://apfcanada-msme.ca/toolkits

In addition, the APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership has launched the 2018 Survey of Entrepreneurs and MSMEs in Indonesia: Building the capacity of MSMEs through Human capital – A national survey of entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia to provide an analysis of business development in the region, and to better understand the opportunities and challenges faced by Indonesian MSMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs around human capital. The survey report is broken down into three major sections focusing on company and entrepreneur profiles in Indonesia, growth plans and barriers to growth, and challenges and opportunities related to human capital. Each section also identifies age, gender, and industry-specific data and trends.

Let’s find more information about the research result and The APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership by clicking this link.


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