Welcoming our new Angel, Bastian Purrer

Bastian Purrer is a Jakarta-based Entrepreneur & Start-up Advisor, working director with early-stage startups and nonprofits. Until recently, Bastian was the Founder and CEO of LYKE, an Indonesia mobile fashion marketplace with almost 2M users, which pioneered the use of visual recognition in e-commerce. LYKE was acquired by Chinese Unicorn JollyChic in January 2018. Before starting LYKE, Bastian attended Harvard Business School, worked in Silicon Valley, was an early employee at Groupon as well as Zalora’s first Chief Marketing Officer. Bastian has build teams in half a dozen countries, and is passionate about South-East Asia, and using technology as a global resource for good.


Find out more about him and get connected: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bastianpurrer/

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