[RECAP] NEXUS Indonesia Salon – Clean Energy & Impact Investing

New Energy NEXUS South-East Asia, a smart energy startup support initiative organized an event named “NEXUS Indonesia Salon – Clean Energy and Impact Investing” at 28 January 2019. This event aimed to identify and understand investment opportunities in the clean energy sector, and create a network between startups from NYALA program (an incubation program by NEXUS Indonesia in collaboration with Digitaraya), impact investors, and venture capitalists. Atika and Tracy attended this event as a part of ANGIN’s team, and gained insights from 3 startups who were selected to pitch:

    • Weston, a provider of Solar Home Systems that allows a customizable system package to fit customers’ needs. They have deployed their system for over 150 households. http://westonenergy.co.id/
    • EREnesia, a web-based platform developed to cut the timely and costly development of renewable energy projects. The platform also aims to offer an automated feasibility study service. http://erenesia.com
    • Khaira Energy, a residential battery solution (similar to Tesla Powerwall), which take advantages of the growing solar industry. They currently have 50 existing users in 5 cities, 4 companies in the pipeline of B2C, and already generating 3 BIDR in revenue. http://khairaenergy.com

From their presentation, we concluded that there are ranges of innovative solutions available, from providing a marketplace for clean energy vendors, offering solar-powered home battery, and using smart energy to electrify remote areas.

Investment opportunity in clean energy has rosen due to increasing demands. New potential startups emerge on clear energy sector and offer innovative solutions while only a few investors possess a strong understanding on the sector, hence more knowledge and expertise sharing is important to grow the early-stage investment.

For more information about New Energy Nexus, kindly check https://nexusea.co/

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